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Back To School

Today my little ones and my not-so-little ones went back to school. I now have a senior and a sophomore in highschool, and a second grader and a fifth grader in grade school.

There was the ritual gathering of the moms at the bus stop this morning for the grade schoolers. The highschoolers would rather have bamboo shoved under their nose ring piercings than to have mum or dad show up at their bus stop and be seen with a parent. All teenagers sprouted to life asexually and there were no parents involved in the process.

Here are the moms hovering. I heard some lamenting that their children were going to be gone all day until three in the afternoon. Meanwhile I'm lamenting the fact that they're not gone until bedtime. (Ok, kidding. Mostly)

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I counted and there were eight moms there for roughly sixteen to eighteen kids. I always feel out of place and uncomfortable there. Not sure why. Probably because I look like a hag and I'm older than dirt. Other than that, I'm just fine.

Here are my girls. The bus comes at around 8:10. They went out there at seven thirty and I had to yank them back inside.

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Before the wee ones got off to school, I got up around 5:15, showered then made the kids French Toast and sausages for breakfast. Chris and Steph got up and got ready, we had prayer and Chris got picked up for his seminary class and I took Steph (she of the non-drivable truck) to her seminary class and she caught a ride from there to school.

Here's Chris. He loves getting up at 5:30 and it shows. No, actually he was really good about it all.

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And here is my Stephanie getting into the suburban so I can take her to her seminary class at the stake center.

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And lastly, here is Ashley on the bus and heading towards second grade. She looks thrilled, doesn't she?

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  1. Jenny4:33 PM

    Pamela, first of all, you are not a hag and second, youth certainly has nothing on you. You are a classy lady and have a better sense of humor than all of us combined! So there! : )

    And yes you are right, it is soo nice to have them at school all day. I actually got to sit and read your blog which I have been missing for weeks!

  2. Jenny, I am older than dirt and twice as ugly.

    However, there's nothing that death won't cure, right? :)

    Thanks for your kind words. We still need to get together. We can do that soon as I won't be watching Dilly and Daniel any longer. I'm very sad...

  3. That's quite an age spread on them little (and not so little) munchkins, Pammy Baby.

    How do you do it?

  4. Smoke and mirrors, WW. Smoke and mirrors.

  5. Amen on "gone until bedtime."

  6. I heard some lamenting that their children were going to be gone all day until three in the afternoon.

    This is the first time in eight and a half years that I do not have a child home. I can barely remember the days of being without a child and coming and going as I pleased. I waited until age 35 to have my first.

    I wondered what it would "feel" like. In the end, I think it lets me get "my" stuff done, and the time the girls are home is better quality!

  7. And I love the pic of Ashley! Lots to think about heading to second grade! LOL

  8. Jenny7:59 AM

    "Older than dirt", yeah, I think dirt has a few years on you, nice try though. And look at that face, those eyes, that knowing look, dirt must be a sight to behold, if you are half as pretty. ; )'

    Hey would you mind if we got together over here? Since you are kidless and little Louie can be a handful?

    That is sad about Daniel and Dillion. That had to be a hard decision for you both.

  9. Carolyn, I agree with the 'more quality time' because you have more time for you and the things that need to get done.

    Jenny, sure! I'd love to come over to your house.

    I'm not sure exactly when I'll be done with steilacoom, so I'll let you know.

  10. they sprung to life asexually, their clothing fell out of the sky, the meals arrived via the concorde, their braces were installed by the braces fairy overnight, their music collections are government issued and delivered by lawn gnomes, their values were instilled in them via osmosis from the moon....yeah, yeah, yeah...


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