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Yes, today I put socks on my feet. Today I turned on the fireplace, see?

I admired the changing colors of the flora and the fauna while driving this morning. I made meatloaf and squash for dinner this evening. Last night I baked peanut butter cookies.

It's official. It's no longer summer. YAY!!!


  1. Anonymous11:04 PM

    1) You turned on the fire, not the fireplace.
    2) Unless you were driving very slowly and there were herds of chameleons in your vicinity, I doubt whether you noticed the fauna changing colour.
    3) You fail to specify whether by 'squash' you mean a gourd or a beverage.
    4) You baked biscuits not cookies, but I can allow that one due to your regional eccentricities.
    You realise that it is only out of love that I am saying all of this.
    You are welcome to visit me and criticise my conjugation.

  2. God, he's hard on you Pammy.
    Do you like it that way? Have I been getting wrong all this time?

  3. holy crap, folks, go easy on the poor girl!
    (they're still pissed about that whole tea in the harbor thing.)

    anywho, i wish i had a turnonable firething-place dealie. if i want to enjoy a nice indoor blaze i have to set a roll of toilet paper on fire inside a coffee can. the romance factor is practically nil.
    i will linkage you posthaste.

  4. Vicus, old cabbage, what makes you believe that I don't have the ability to turn on the fireplace? Just look what I've done to Tommy!

    The herds of chameleons that I passed whilst driving to work were quite lovely. I shall endeavor to take a picture of them the next time for you.

    The squash was of the hubbard variety, cooked til it was velvety smooth and delicious. Although well cooked, it wasn't quite a liquid yet.

    As for the cookie/biscuit comment you made, your leeway on that subject is much appreciated. I was unaware that you could be so open minded.

    Tommy my love, no. Don't change one thing. Vicus is simply flexing his semantical muscles as it were and showing off. I remain unscathed.

    FN, vicus is simply toying with me, much as a cat toys with a delectable mouse.

  5. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Thank you Pamela, that is the best thing I have read all day.
    May all of your comestibles be velvety smooth and delicious.
    I am just going to check out first nations.

  6. You're going to enjoy First Nations. She has quite the way with words.

  7. All this talk about Lulu has left me out of sorts, and now Vicus is requesting conjugational visits.

    And now I've gone and forgot that Thursday was the last day of summer and the last appropriate day for a Druid to kill someone ritually.

    I've been to First Nations a couple of times, and she's got a way with a corndog tattoo too, Vicus.

  8. Hello Pamela. Have you ever published an image of a striking young bearded man?

  9. Pammy, your thread is descending into the bizarre. Hopefully this comment will get it at least heading back towards normality.

  10. so what is the collective noun for more than one Chameleon? Very nice fireplace and it looks aroused to me :)

  11. Tou know, it could be worse. Harold Stassen could come back from the dead and post: "Have you ever published an image of a young fighting man?"

    By the way, did you hear the one about Lulu and the Brazilian presidency?


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