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Did I forget to mention...

The insurance adjustor called to say that his estimate is that it will take $2,600 to fix the truck.

Oh, and the guy that hit her filed a claim saying that she is at fault for the accident.

I don't believe this man knows that we have the number of the off duty King county sheriff's officer who saw the whole thing and is willing to sign an affadavit to that effect. I spoke with the officer tonight and he's very nice.

So, Steph has lost her wheels, I've become her chauffer and I'm losing my two daycare boys.

They say things come in threes.... Let's see. Car accident is number one. Car now undrivable, number two. Losing job, number three.

Hear that karma? We're done now.

Update: Apparently Karma is more difficult to pacify than I'd thought. Our mamma kitty is pregnant. With kittens, I'm assuming. This time it can't be Uncle Daddy. Bad Kitty. Naughty Karma.


  1. Sweet Pamela Troepl, how could you think you no longer mean anything to me. I just got busy, that's all.


    Okay now babe.

    I've got one more week of this work and then I will overwhelm you with my attention. I promise you.

  2. Pauline's Mama4:41 AM

    lrnkodBut washt she fixed Pam?

  3. Get a room, you two.

    Pam, One snowy day, the daughter of our not-so-esteemed commissioner of revenue came barreling around a corner and crushed the side door of my 1989 Subary station wagon (god how I miss her - the Subaru), bolted from the scene and returned with two city cops and her parents, to whom she declared I emerged after shouldering my door open to curse her roundly. Liar.
    The cops refused to check the rapidly disappearing tire tracks. They took my ID and insurance and let said daughter and parents spend extended quality time reviewing my documents. I got the phone number of her insurance company - no policy number, driver name and address or anything.
    Of course I got charged with failure to yield and reckless driving.
    I took it to court and was found not guilty (not 'dismissed' but not guilty).

    By that time, the parents also filed a claim against my insurance to fix their little maniac's front end. I'd already bought a door from a junker to replace mine, so I took the damaged assembly, taped a handmade bill of sale to it and propped it against their front gate.

  4. Tommy dear, it's all right. I only have two feet, while you are more impressed with the four-footed specimens. I understand. I do.

    Pauline's Mama, no. The girl cat never got fixed. We tried to take her to the vet once and she nearly killed us all.

    Fronty, that stinks in a major way. I don't understand how people can lie about stuff like that.

  5. Pauline's Mama7:36 AM

    Eep Pam. Well if you are willing to come out to NJ to see me Ill take a girl kitten :grin:

  6. Jenny9:52 AM

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the cookies! You spoil us, and we love it. Jealous guys?

    Baking cookies is the first step in turning around Karma. Next you need one cup of rain water, three ripe huckleberries and a lock of hair from a virgin (cat). First and third might be allusive in these parts. Combine and shake in a rootbeer bottle and run around front yard singing "Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Cameleon". Drink concoction and expell loud burp. Then Karma will be happy and you can sit back and wait for your reward.

    Hope this was helpful.

    p.s. I am pretty sure you need a witness to seal the deal so call me when you are ready. : )'

  7. Janet9:53 AM

    I thought Mamma kitty was fixed? OH well, Smokey will have a half sibling then. And no, I don't need nor want another kitten.

  8. PM, if we have some girl kittens, I will mail them ALL to you!

    Jenny, you are welcome for the cookies. I decided last night that I should bake cookies for the girl's lunches. Baking in the summer is not my most favorite thing to do (my first favorite thing has something to do with lots of ice, some chocolate sauce and Johnny Depp)

    I'm glad you enjoyed them. I tinker around with recipes and never follow them, so these are an interesting chocolate chip cookie. Now, if you can find me a virgin cat, I'll do that Karma dance. There will be no cameras allowed, however.

    Janet, you KNOW that smokey wants/needs another sibling! How cool would that be?

  9. Jenny1:38 PM

    Gosh, I was going to ask you the recipe, they are so soft. How do you get them to stay soft? I am having a hard time sharing them.

    I'll let you know about the cat. No promises on the cameras though. ; )

  10. Pauline's Mama2:02 PM

    You mail them all to me I refuse delivery

    You gotta bring ONE here

  11. Pammy- Smokey needs another sibling like I need my nose pierced. Besides, the dog is already outnumbered!


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