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Oops, she did it again, only this time not with her brother.

Yes, my female cat is with child, er kittens, again. As she is nearly due to give birth, I thought I'd put out the word for anyone within my driving area who is in the market for an adorable little furball with sharp pointy teeth and razor sharp claws.

Her name is Smokey, or it was until she gave birth the first time. Now we call her momma kitty. Yes, we pride ourselves on originality here. And,Yes, I know. We should have gotten her fixed and we did try hard to do so, which ended up being a huge fiasco.

I blame my husband for the cat being pregnant. No, this is not a startling case of cross-species breeding that you'd find in the tabloids, this is a case of him setting the cat free in hopes it wouldn't come home again. I was on vacation at the time and had no knowledge this was happening, or I would have reminded him that while the male cats had been to the vet to have their bits and pieces whacked off, the female was still intact and therefore in danger of procreating once again.
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And here we are. According to my calculations, she's due to give birth any day now. She's a beautiful Russian Blue and since we don't know the father this time around, the kittens should be an interesting mix, arriving with an IQ higher than inbred southern politicians the previous kittens.

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So, anyone? Anyone?


  1. Gorgeous moggy, why are your US Russian blues so similar to our UK Blue Burmese?
    Can't imagine what took you to Toasty's Futon, but hail and well met, or ave atque vale if latin is your bag? I supose I can be condescending because I have done nursery and primary and secondary and college and just taken my junior dependents to university. They are wonderful people - my hope for the future resides in them. To whom do we attribute the end of our civilisation? Unequivocally, those tossers who eschew reason for faith, doubt for certainty, humanity for tribalism and integrity for influence.

  2. Janet5:03 PM

    I think that our Smokey could be insulted, if he had the IQ to be insulted. He's still trying to nurse on the dog.

  3. But who is smarter, Smokey or the Dog?
    I have the dubious pleasure of having to trim the claws of three of our cats before they go to a show on Saturday. It is a novel method of obtaining decorative cicatrices.
    Keep on blogging, I'll look in now and again.

  4. I'm not sure who is smarter. Cassie is a loveable pooch, but not too bright. I need to clip her nails, or better yet, have it done somewhere. I'm never good at that sort of thing. I admire those of you that are.

    Janet, that first batch of kittens surely isn't going to win any mensa prizes. One of them that we gave to another lady ate some part of plastic tubing and had to have surgery to save it's life. Lots and lots of $$$. Just be glad the only weird thing that your smokey does is try to nurse on the dog!

  5. She's lovely. Shame you don't live a little nearer to Brigg. My friend has just put a deposit down on a British Blue kitten. She'd have loved one of yours.

  6. Yes, I'll have them all if they turn out to be Russian Blues because they are the bestest of all cats. Only you live half a million miles away and we're not allowed to have cats anyway.


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