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So..This Is How I Roll

We did something a week ago Saturday that I have not written about here because I didn't want my father to hear about it before I had a chance to show him. I purposefully didn't tell my sister about it, because I wanted to surprise her as well.

Friday night hubby and I went to the temple in Bellevue. My sister and her husband were there as well. It was so hot that night I was considering spontaneously bursting into flames on the spot. Thankfully there was a Dairy Queen nearby for us to put the flames out. As we were leaving the restaurant we saw a new shiny black suburban parked in front. It's horn alarm was going off.

"That's annoying" I said. Then I held up my key ring, hit a button and turned off the alarm.
"Wow, did you do that?" my sister said, eyes wide. "Can you open their car with your thing too?"
"Sure!" I replied. I held up my keyless entry remote and hit 'unlock'. Immediately the four doors of the new suburban unlocked, the interior lights went on as did the running lights.
"WOW! That's so cool! How did you....." She looked at me, she looked back at the vehicle, looked back at me and repeated this until the light dawned on her.

"That's YOURS???"

Yep. It's mine.

I begged her not to tell Dad. I was going to pick him up on his birthday on Tuesday and surprise him. With a red face she told me she couldn't promise me. I begged her again. I mean, how hard could it be to keep that secret. Her husband was there watching the whole thing.

He told my father.

I was not happy. They knew I wanted to keep it under wraps.

Oh well, at least I have a shiny new suburban with which to console myself. It looks a lot like this one.

Except ours is a 2004, black with tinted windows, a sunroof and all the bells and whistles.


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I love that you call Dairy Queen a restaurant! Did you enjoy the fine linens and crystal banana split boats? How do they serve a Peanut Buster Parfet thiese days? Classy!

  2. Brian, I think you should legally change your name to Anonymous. It suits you sooooo much better m'dear!
    (btw, you are a first class brat!)

  3. Hey, thirteen more of those and you're a presidential motorcade!

  4. Actually, Dairy Queen falls more under the classification of bistro, like I should know since I usually order off the dollar menu at McD's . . . .

  5. We were going for that presidential motocade look, thanks for noticing! Actually, you're not the first to mention that to me.

    As for DQ being more Bistro-like..... I'm not sure. All I know is they make a mean Oreo blizzard!

  6. yeah, but with the motorcade you gotta get the family outside to run along your Suburban

  7. and hope your neighbors didn't watch "Clear and Present Danger" and get any ideas from the street scene

  8. I'm getting ideas just reading that!

  9. Pamela, you must live miles from any greenery in a very large old town, not primarily designed for motor transport, with no gradient in excess of 1 in 300 and with obstacles no more difficult to negotiate than a kerbstone. You must never carry anything bigger than a carrier bag and you must use the vehicle to transport your children to their schools 300 yards away. We call them Chelsea Tractors here.

  10. Ah Richard. I adore your wit. We actually live in the country, not the city (despite the Great Deforestation taking place behind my home) and there are many obstacles to driver over here. For instance, wildlife. You never know when you're going to come face to headlights with a wild beast.

    I drive it mainly for the deterrance factor.


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