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Greenpeace Left Me Alone!

Today I got up around 1 a.m. to let the dog outside before she horked up something unmentionable in our bedroom. That was fun. Then I couldn't go back to sleep, so I started picturing how things are going to look in various rooms of our house once I decide on paint colors. That kept me awake for quite some time. It was that and the fact that I'd had an energy drink earlier in the day, then a mountain dew in the afternoon. No more caffiene for me.

Once I got to sleep I was up again at five to get Chris up. Then I crawled back into bed and overslept. It was a harried morning for all of us.

Then I went to the gym and got into the water! It went swimmingly. Har. Swimmingly. Get it? It's....uh.. Nevermind. Greenpeace didn't attempt to haul me back out to sea, so I counted that as a good sign. I hurt when I first got in and wasn't sure my back was going to let me do any swimming or exercising, but after a period of adjustment it straightened itself out and was fine.

Yay for me. Then I came home and edited Stephie's APUSH (Advanced Placement U. S. History) paper that was due today. It was supposed to be eight pages long. She had barely made it to seven. I helped a little and finally got the entire seventh page filled. There was nothing more I could do but correct some of her grammar and polish it up a bit before she sailed off to high school. She's got a class at the college tonight as well. I won't see her until 8:30 or so tonight. Busy, busy girl.

I think I'll look up some healthy recipes online and figure out our dinner tonight. Before that I've got to take two little ones to the dentist. That ought to be fun.


  1. Thank you. You provided an insight into one of the great puzzles of our time - i.e. why women live longer than men. You lay awake at night wondering about colours for decoration. We sleep. We therefore get stuff done more quickly. No point hanging around for another three years fretting about salmon or aubretia for the cupboard walls.

  2. Dearest v.s. That's a common problem with females and the odd male interested in improving his humble abode with a dash of color. We purchased this house two years ago, soon after it was built and there are still white walls in most of the rooms.

    I need a bit of color in order to sleep.

  3. I have no problem with colour. Or color.
    As you should know, these are colours:
    Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple and pink.
    Anything else is just self indulgence, and the reason why you have to live so long to sort them all out.
    My kitchen walls are yellow. The paint tin said "Lemon Chiffon". I pointed out that that was not a colour, but a fruit and a material. I used a few other words in there as well.

  4. The downstairs toilet is done in a muted Venerable Bede and the lounge is a two-tone affair of St Valentine's Day Massacre and Golda Meir.

  5. Richard, you see what happens when men start discussing colours? That is NOT 'Venerable Bede', but 'Lazy Rainbow Sausage'. You can tell the difference because 'Venerable Bede' has a hint of 'Flaming Shirttail'
    Pamela, I hearby reclaim this section of America as part of the British Empire.

  6. Fine with me, but don't go getting your knickers in a knot when I wreck the car because you all drive on the wrong side of the road. Did I say wrong? I meant opposite. Yes, that was it. Opposite

  7. Annalee4:08 AM

    are you kind sir, the tupe of person that paints the whole room the same color, including the celling Or do you paoint the Celling white?


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