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100 MEME

I was told to do this. 100 things about me. Wheeeee.Here Goes....

1. I used to love the color pink, but not so much anymore.
2. I don't drink coffee but I love the smell of it.
3. I used to crochet and knit all the time.
4. I don't crochet or knit much anymore.
5. I have four children.
6. I have a dog named Cassie.
7. I have two cats and four kittens.
8. I used to be cool, but then I had kids.
9. I love Mexican food.
10. I love to cook.
11. I love to eat.
12. Yep, you guessed it. Extra poundage.
13. I can do calligraphy.
14. I sing.
15. I usually have music playing wherever I am. It's playing right now. James Blunt ~~Cry.
16. I really belt it out in the shower.
17. I love to chew ice.
18. Favorite soda is root beer.
19. I make a killer pizza from scratch.
20. Making this list is harder than I thought it would be.
21. I write humor columns for newspapers.
22. Sometimes life doesn't seem that funny to me.
23. Sometimes life does seem funny to me.
24. I have the worlds BEST husband.
25. Perhaps the best husband in the universe.
26. My mom died four years ago.
27. I talk to my father on the phone at least twice a day ~sometimes more.
28. I used to have acrylic nails, then I had children.
29. I watch two little boys during the day.
30. I have a bad back.
31. I used to walk five miles a day.
32. I don't walk that far anymore (see #30)
33. I love to play Nintendo Smash Brothers with my husband.
34. When I was little I had a beagle named Chip.
35. I once lived in Venezuela as a missionary for nearly two years.
36. I am bilingual.
37. The U.S. Census Bureau has me on their list of available translators.
38. I have a disabled sister.
39. I have one brother and two sisters.
40. I am a member of the LDS faith.
41. I have everyday dishes, good dishes and fine China.
42. I never use my fine china.
43. If I could live on the beach at the ocean, I would.
44. When I was little my parents had a trailer and we spent weekends at the beach.
45. My hair used to be to my waist.
46. My hair is now just below my shoulders.
47. I'm going gray.
49. I dye my hair to cover the ugly gray.
50. I grew up in Seattle.
51. I type by touch.
52. I type very fast.
53. I am not a morning person.
54. I talk in my sleep.
55. I still have actual records that I listened to as a teenager.
56. Sometimes I feel older than dirt.
57. My children believe I am older than dirt.
58. I look in the mirror sometimes and wonder who that old person is!
59. I love to swim, but don't do much of it.
60. I go to Vegas every year, but not for the reason you think.
61. I cry at sad movies.
62. I go to church at lesat once a week.
63. I would walk through fire for my children.
64. I'm terribly disorganized with paper.
65. There is a piano, a flute, and 9 guitars in my home.
66. I don't play any of them.
67. I once ran into a cop car with a cop in it.
68. I've never had a speeding ticket.
69. I've deserved a lot of speeding tickets.
70. I've met people in real life that I first met online.
71. So far none of them have been axe murderers.
72. I am writing a book.
73. My eyes are green.
74. I don't use cuss words.
75. I once got stabbed in the arm by a homeless person.
76. I love to have my feet massaged.
77. I'm anemic and take iron to combat it.
78. I have Chronic Fatigue syndrome (Epstein Barr) but I still get up and go.
79. I once traveled to Mexico as an interpreter.
80. I traveled to Hawaii with a singing group.
81. I caught two rabbits with my bare hands in our neighborhood once.
82. I don't move that fast anymore.
83. My birthstone is Topaz.
84. I designed a ring around a peach topaz and wear it.
85. One day I hope to be a syndicated columnist.
86. My family was once featured on the front page of a major newspaper.
87. I got locked outside on an observation deck at the Statue of Liberty once.
88. I do our taxes.
89. Two years ago I made a five thousand dollar mistake.
90. I can dig razor clams with the best of them.
91. I make a mean clam chowder.
92. I love to read.
93. I ofen have dreams where I'm flying.
94. I wasn't numb when the doc's cut me for my fisrt c-section.
95. I have trouble taking pills. (yes, I know it's all in my head)
96. I really want to go have some dinner but if I leave now I won't finish this ever.
97. I love love love white chocolate.
98. I don't like dark chocolate.
99. I have too many blessings in my life to name them all.
100. I'd rather not do another meme like this again.


  1. Thanks. That's not an easy thing to do. It requires thinking. I'm not equiped to do much of that at the moment. :grin:

  2. Oh, Pamela. James Blunt. How on earth could you.

  3. Oh could I not? When I discovered him last week I was in a mood and he suited it. I've played his songs over and over and over and soon I'll move on. I always do.

  4. Good. The damage may be repairable.

  5. I'm damaged goods then? ::sigh:: Who should I be listening to then?


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