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Day Seven

My children are once again home from school on a snow day.

I'd say more but I fear the people in the white coats may come to cart me off.


  1. Janet9:16 PM

    Hopefully tomorrow! Fingers are crossed!

  2. just remember that prison isn't as exciting as the cable networks make it out to be...i hear the food is bad too.

    that's usually what keeps me away from the more er, extreme ideas...

  3. white coats? does that mean I get to see you............

    I am on my way!

  4. Pop over here, and I'll take you for a spin in our balmy atmosphere.

  5. I'm saved! School has opened today! Joy joy joy!

  6. Pammy, I'm worried. This has nothing to do with snow. I've just spent five minutes staring at your surname and trying to figger out how in the sam hill to pronounce it.

    I'm baffled. Can you help?

  7. Sure hon. It's a German name, but I'm not certain that helps at all.

    Troeppl. We prounounce it Trepple. Does that help?

  8. mystery solved. was getting ready to ask as well.

  9. I thought it was one of those word verification thingies, but good to know. BTW why do they call them "word" verifications? They are certainly not words. Pammy, we are baking here in SoFla. Not that I want snow, but a nice breeze would be nice.

  10. Carmy baby!!! You're still alive and kicking!

    I've been wondering how you were doing and what's been going on in your life. I'll run over to your place to see. Nice to see you!

  11. pammy, the people in the white coats are really nice. i know for a fact because they come take me away all the time... take me for a ride... weeeeeeeeee


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