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Hallelujuah and then the not so-hallelujuahs

The ice melted, the snow has all but disappeared and the best part is that that children went back to school today! It's good this happened. Very, very good. If I'd gone one more day with a Snow Day I'd have gone insane.

Yeah, I know. I'm there already. Hush.

I took my newly-minted 18 year old out to lunch so we could talk today, between high shool classes and college classes. It's amazing what she will say when there is no one there to witness it to interrupt. She's got a boyfriend and this has perplexed us. By us I mean her parental units. And I don't mean we're surprised she has a boyfriend, she's gorgeous. What's not to love? What intrigues us is that the boy is younger than she is and shall I say this? He's cute but not so bright.

"Mom, I say things and he doesn't understand some of the words I'm saying"

"Like....what? Are you using your SAT vocabulary on him?"

"Um, no. Just, you know. Regular words."

Yeah. He's a few fries short of a Happy Meal. But he can play the guitar! And he's cute! And ohmygosh!

This from my daughter who has been in the Gifted Program at school. Who goes to college AND high school at the same time.

Does this mean I've raised a shallow eighteen year old who cares more about having eye candy on her arm than having someone with half a brain? I'm ever so proud.


  1. He's just a starter BF anyway..doesn't sound to serious..I think it says that your daughter has a lot of character and she is willing to overlook his shortcomings in the 's m r t' (Homer reference) department.

    Having some young Arm Candy makes her sound like Demi Moore... you don't leave Cosmo lying around the house do you?

  2. Wait 'till she meets some older man with a sports car.

  3. HE, you're absolutely correct. We talked about that as well. I told her that when it was time to say goodbye, to do it nicely and gently and not to hurt him too badly. He thinks she walks on water. She assured me that she would be kind.

    Dave dear, you keep you and your little sports car there across the pond. I don't need that sort of complication.

  4. toyboy armc andy that can't answer back? She IS smart!

  5. i agree with ziggi


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