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Tell me what is going on in their heads???

Why oh why is the teenage brain so incredibly self-centered?

She is told to pick up dinner, pizzas, at five. She agrees to this. At ten after, there is no sign of her. I call her cell phone. Repeatedly. And then some more. I am getting upset. Then I am getting concerned.

I call the pizza place. It's half an hour since she was supposed to pick up dinner. It hasn't been picked up. She's still not answering her phone.

Cue Mommy Worry Alarm: she ok? Did someone kidnap her? Where is she? Why isn't she answering her phone? She has that thing attached to her body like another appendage....Please....let her be all right..

Husband goes to get the dinner, as he is near death. Still no answer from the girl. I send a text message. I leave a voice mail. I call again. She answers.

"Where ARE you?"
"I'm at Jesse's"

Aha. A boy. A boy.

"What about our dinner? You were supposed to pick it up over half an hour ago!"
"ooooh...I didn't know you wanted it right"

She is talking quite slowly and I can hear chewing...and .....and I'm not happy.

"I am not happy with you right now"
"I left my phone in the car, I'm sorry..."

Right. In the car. I'm not believing that. She's practically had it surgically implanted in her head. No, not happy at all. Then she tells me she can't come home right now because they are feeding her dinner.

I am really not happy now.

So not happy.


  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Teenagers.. the ultimate parental test...or final initiation to get the Eagle scout parental badge ???
    Hang in there...Kathleen

  2. nnjangel7:36 PM

    I hope she is getting punished for this. That would tick me off soooooo bad.

  3. I have a suggestion. Why not have her help you with the baking. Perhaps she plan and execute a meal for your out of state guests. Or, would that be more punishing for you than her?

  4. Yeah, uh, this child doesn't cook. She had a coronary while trying to make a frozen pizza once. Trust me, this would be more punishment for me.

    I'm hoping that the me-me-me-me aspect of her personality will, at some point, smack the wall of It's-really-not-all-about-you-girl.

  5. Pammy, you got it right there , in my book. Leave the kid alone, she's got a nice mom and a nice dad, she'll more than likely come out fine.
    You know you got me on my favourite topic here babe, do you do it on purpose. Let her grow up and blossom into a sweet adult - she will or not. (interfering ain't gonna make no difference except piss her off).

  6. Interfering, is what a parent is supposed to do, dear Tommy. That's why children have parents. To give them direction, to take care of them, to teach them right from wrong and then let them make their own way in the world.

    She's not yet ready for that making-her-own-way in the world yet. Until then, I will keep on 'interfering'.

  7. Totally disagree with you on this one Pammy. Parents job is to provide a warm loving supportive environment for their kids to be in. Not to put all their ideas into their kids heads - too many people filling their kids heads with crazy ideas.
    Not for one second saying your ideas are wrong Pammy, but if we didn't pass our ideas on from generation to generation I think the world would be a much happier place.

  8. Ah sweet Tommy. I'm sorry you disagree, but that's what makes the world go round, innit?

    I provide boundaries for my children. I provide consequences when those boundaries are broken. Once they're out on their own, the world will provide them with much harsher consequences, so it's my job to prepare them.

    I don't fill their heads with crazy ideas, but I fill it with high ideals. Be kind to others, be kind to yourself, care for the planet, be a responsible human being, don't do drugs or drink or smoke. Set your goals high and strive to reach them. Be the best you can be.

    They know they are loved.

  9. I can empathise with exactly how you felt with this. Jack has frequently done similar things which induce feelings of anger frustration, disappointment and thoughts of adoption.

    Then I speak to a friend who has inherited 3 step-children from hell and thank the lord he isn't coming home with an ASBO, stealing my jewellery to fund a crack habit or disappearing for days on end with no explanation.

    We've both been lucky to have good kids really, Pamela x


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