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Fa la la la la la la

Picture this......forty gazillion people in a small room, listening to children (and one adult) play in a Christmas Piano Recital. You'd think it would be uncomfortable, right?

Well, ok. My bottom was hurting by the end of the program, but it was well worth the pain to see the joy on the children's faces and the pride on their parent's mugs. Unbeknownst to me, my SIL Tara took a short video of Allison doing her rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas for the crowd. We heard various renditions of Jingle Bells and Silent Night, but Ally was the only one to play what she played. Here's the video. If you don't have cable Internet, it might not work for you, so feel free to skip it. I'm not sure why she played this song, as it wasn't quite ready for prime time. You should hear her play a song from Pirates of the Carribean. She rocks on that one.

If you can't or won't view the video, then a pox upon you. Ok, not really. I've given up wishing a pox on anyone. I believe that wishing a teenager upon them is a much worse fate and has longer lasting consequences. So a teenager upon you.

And while you're awaiting the arrival of the Terrible Teenager, here are some pictures to amuse and amaze you.

Here is Allison with her piano teacher, a wonderfully sweet hearted woman.

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Not to be outdone musically, Cute Hubby posed with Adorable Son, aka Surly Teenager at times, in their Pink Floyd shirts while jamming on their guitars.

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The girls insisted upon wearing their Christmas outfits to the recital.

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And now, for the big attack of cute. Our kitten, Buttercup.

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And just in case any of you were wondering about Surly Teenager. He's also Quite Cute Teenager at times. I love my boy and I was on the recieving end of one of the best hugs ever from him this morning. It almost makes it all worth it.

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  1. That's good. Continue to embarrass your children on the internet.
    Never mind all of that, where is that rock video of you that you promised some time ago?

  2. I'll have my sis in law video them and post it the next time around. I keep forgetting....

  3. Oh me. You want ME on it? I don't believe the world is ready for that.... Oh now I remember. It was House of the Rising Son or something like that. I'll give it a shot. But only because you asked so nicely.

  4. Awww Pammy, I watched the video and it was so sweet and cute that she played that song. Your kids are soo adorable.

    But, what really got me was Buddercup. Had to have the husband come see that picture! If ever you find her missing, you know where to come looking for her.

  5. Cute. Very.

    And - um - I'm already being punished for crimes in a past life by my own teenager, thankyouverymuch. I don't want any more of that kind. :)

  6. I think that's one of the very best performances of the 12 days of Christmas I have ever heard,I listened to it all the way through, when would you like my 2 teenagers in return? They can start walking now.

    I'll swap them for that kitten if that clinches the deal.

  7. Smokey says that his little sister (?) is very cute.

  8. Anonymous2:06 PM

    FN here:
    doing this under a no name mouse to hide the link (merry christmas! your present!)
    your girls loook adorable in their red christmas tops. gotta tell you though, i miss those loooooooooooong programs not one bit. my sympathies on the teenager of evil. it does end. mine has almost grown out of it.

  9. Yes, I'm sure in future years your daughter will be soooo grateful that you've demonstrated her playing to the whole world.

    I'm with Vicus on this one.

    His card arrived at my place today, by the way, thanks to the Royal Mail.

  10. Hi Dave, I got your card today, also! Seems that the Brits are better at delivering post than those in Washington state. Good old Mr Blair.

  11. Vicus dear, did you not read my post? I haven't even written my cards, much less mailed them. I've had other important things to do, like embarrassing my children. It takes time to do it right.

  12. Oh so cute! Kids and kitty! I look forward to the day of recitals. But sadly, if the kids as tone def as Pete and I, they may have to be "priviate" recitals.

    p.s. OMG! I just read about your dad's place. Glad he's ok, hope his baby is fixable.

  13. Pamela, dear, pay attention, please. My comments were a reference to your moaning about not having received my card.


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