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How many days?

How many days till Christmas? Just ask my ten year old. She's been responsible, with no encouragement from anyone, for keeping us current on the countdown. She put this up on our kitchen wall and she changes it every morning.

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As you can see, we are 19 days out. Have I done any shopping? Heck no. Have I begun my baking? Heck no. I did get one Christmas column out to my editor, but I don't believe that counts for anything with the kids.

So, 19 days and counting. I've gotten several Christmas cards already from over achievers out to ruin my self esteem. It's working.

So, here's my question to you all. How much have you gotten done? How much more do you have to do? And who would like to adopt my children and be responsible for buying them their Christmas gifts? If there are a lot of you out there offering, I'll have to draw names out of a hat, so don't be upset if you're not picked. I only have four children. Good luck!


  1. What do I have done? Um...nothing.

    Bah. Humbug. :)

  2. OK, if it is not an "all or nothing" deal, I'll take one child.
    I'll buy the gifts but she has to be here Christmas morning. I can't seem to get cards out so I am sure I won't be able to mail presents. Think about it. A plane ticket may be worth it !!!
    Also, I have only received one Christmas card so far, but it was one of those family letters so..let the guilt begin !!!
    Peace and Joy

  3. Pammy, I have not accomplished much more than asking the grown kids where their gift cards should be from, "Target? or Home Depot?"

  4. All presents bought. Most wrapped (just waiting for a couple to arrive from Amazon*). Cards all written, and posted (even to my friend in the USA).

    Sermons written up to and including Christmas Day.

    Food all prepared (some of it in Freezer).

    *Smug grin*

    *I don't, of course, mean the internet store -what do you take me for? I've been to South America and bought a dug-out canoe for my son.

  5. 1. decorative outdoor eyeball lights strung and lit
    2. tasteful modern willow wreath hung on front door, soon to be lost in high winds. if you see it go past, nab it for me will you?
    3. presents bought for goonybird
    4. holiday meal planned
    5. living with a Yummy Biker who cracks off a pie or cookies at whim, just to relieve the tedium, i have no need to sully my own fingies with flour. but i probably will anyway.

  6. You mean it's December already? But it was only just Easter.

    Adopt your children? Only if they can clean and iron. x

  7. Northern, I'm right there with ya.

    Kathleen, no, it's not an all or nothing kind of thing. But I get to choose. You may take my eledest, who will be 18 in January and believes she knows everything. Be prepared though, she comes with a hefty cost in makeup, gym fees, and cell phone usage. Also, there will be college intuition involved.

    Kindness, you are my hero. Gift cards rock!

    Dave, I really think that you're mean to have posted such things as being all done, and everything is already wrapped. I fear a huge drop in self esteem amongst my readers now.

    FN I forgive you for getting things done so eary becuase with the winter chill and snow up there, if you didn't get it done early, you'd never get it done at all.

    Cherrypie, yes, it's December already. And my children have been known to clean on occasion, but ironing is beyond them. You'll still take one, right?

  8. Seriously, where did November go? I must have been fetal or drugged. : ) (I just caught up on my reading again. - Happy Late Thanksgiving, Happy Late Birthday!, yikes, scary way to wake up with door wide open, glad kitties are back.)

    Every year I wait until the last minute to finish, ok start. I would love to adopt one of your kiddos, but they might end up feeling neglected like the rest of the bunch, and my guilt cupith runith over.

  9. You've got to be kidding... is it almost Christmas already?! I just finished the wedding/honeymoon stress, and now I gotta do CHRISTMAS???

    Nuh, bugger it, honestly. I can't be bothered. I'll send out some cards, if I can find my friends' addresses, but I do NOT do Christmas in a big way. Not until kids come along, but that's a LONG way off!


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