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Two Down

I'm down to two children this week. Not that I'm complaining you see. It's just odd to have our big house feel so empty because only one is actually there for any length of time, the other one is working full time and then goes to the gym or out with friends, so perhaps I should recalculate. One. I'm down to one child.

I could get used to this.

My son has gone on a High Adventure with the other guys in his church group. This time they are white water rafting. Since my son is the King of Bad Decisions Regarding Bodily Harm, I try not to think about what he might be doing at this time. I'm counting on the the adult leaders to head him off at the pass should he decide to do something remotely dangerous. Besides, I can't hold my breath for a week.

My third child is once again staying with her auntie up in Seattle. I received a phone call this morning from my sister saying that Allison would rather live with her than with me. Translation: Allison would rather live where her cousin Nicole is than live sixty miles away from her. I was also told that Allison does not miss us in the least. Thanks for the ego boost sis!

And so it goes. I think the stress of making life altering decisions this week, plus writing about what I'm writing about is making me physically sick. I hurt so bad yesterday I very nearly drove myself to the hospital.



  1. Ah.. I was just pondering that my summer of "Virtually Empty Nest" is coming to an end. Gone are the evenings of quiet reading and meditation. Gone is the ability to go to bed at 7:00 if I felt like it. Gone is clandestine sneaking of a bowl of ice cream.

    I am partially thrilled to have them all home (daughter returns from mission in two months) and partially resenting my time being gone.

  2. be sure to breathe.

  3. What Anna said. I think it goes something like this: Breathe in, Breath out, repeat.

  4. Be sure to let your sole remaining child see how desperately you miss the others, how heart-broken you are at their apparent disregard for your feelings, and finally how thankful you are that you still have him/her to rely on, that you really shouldn't be telling him/ her this but that he/she has always been your favourite, thus ensuring that the poor child will remain with you forever out of sheer guilt/ fear that their postion of Favourite Child might slip.

  5. Time to finf where the old you went I guess.
    Give it two days for a few of em to start missing you.

    Chin up
    Ev x

  6. You'll be OK.

    The one inescapable fact of life is that no child with a good mother can do without that mother.


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