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Baking Cookies in her car

BEDFORD, N.H. (Aug. 3) - Blistering heat was just what Sandi Fontaine needed to bake cookies for her co-workers - on the dash of her Toyota Rav4.

With temperatures soaring Wednesday, Fontaine placed two trays of cookie dough on the dashboard, shut the doors and retreated inside to her air conditioned office.

"My husband wanted me to run some errands this morning," said Fontaine, who works at Baldwin and Clarke Corporate Finance. "I said, 'I can't. I'm baking cookies.'"

Fontaine first tested her dashboard oven three years ago. She said anyone can do it; the only requirement is for the outside temperature to be at least 95 degrees, so it will rise to about 200 degrees in the car. Temperatures in the area reached the mid to upper 90s on Wednesday.

"Mrs. Fields has nothing on Sandi," co-worker Brian Champigny said of the cookie company.

Though Thursday was supposed to be cooler, Fontaine said she'll still enjoy the benefits of her culinary effort.

"When you open the door to that car," she said, "it's like, oh my God. It's a wonderful smell."

Dang...I should give that a go!


  1. Oh, man. What a concept!

  2. that very item came up in one of my online groups this a.m. hell, i dry herbs and thaw frozen food in my car in the summer; just leave a window cracked front and rear for airflow and its copascetic.
    too, too hot.
    crappy summer.
    poopy toilet summer.

  3. It has been a very warm summer, hasn't it? Although I think last summer was worse. Or not. My mind's going so what do I know? :grin:

  4. Tastier than the traditional frying an egg on the sidewalk.

  5. What a fabulous idea. Shame it rarely gets that hot over here. We've been having a bit of a heatwave, which simply means it stopped raining for half an hour and someone was spotted on a beach with an icecream wearing a knotted hankie on his head. I think it may hav ebeen Tom.

  6. You know, it SOUNDS like a good idea. But there's no way I"d do it in my car. I mean, no-one would want to eat the cookies out of my car. They'd be full of yellow lab hair. That stuff gets EVERYWHERE.

  7. When I was a grocery store bagboy eons ago, the perverse store assitant manager decided it was a good idea to play a joke on one of the other bagboys by getting into his unlocked car in the summer and placing ten expired cans of Hungry Jack biscuits in the glove box.

    End result: the cans popped and the dough expanded enough to detach the entire dash from its mounting screws.

    I'll bake in the oven, thank you much >B^D>

  8. mmmmm, we could cook for the world here in Oz most of the year. I just bought a car with a HUGE dash- I just knew I was being patriotic with out stupid dusty heat and all!


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