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Boyz to Men...

I've speculated in previous posts about how the males of our species may get larger in body size, but remain little boys to the bitter end.

Hubby calls his injury a 'motorcycle accident'. I suppose that's more manly than saying he simply got it caught in the chain of the motorcycle as he was trying to get the bike out of the back of the truck.

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This morning when he woke up and I saw his finger all swollen and red (mind you, he injured the finger August 16 and it's now the 27) I told him he was going to the doctor.

"They're closed today"

"Then we can go to the Urgent Care"

"That costs more money"

"So take tomorrow off and go to the Doctor"

"I don't want to use my sick time"

"So, your money or your finger.....your choice"

"Let me think about it."

He went, poor thing. He had to have a nerve block and then the doc sliced him open to remove pus and other assorted icky fluids that had collected in the swollen digit. Then he was stitched back up.

Boyz are boyz are boyz are boyz...


  1. Yes, and you gotta love 'em, even if you can't understand 'em.

    Watch for my Blogumentary "The Male Brain" coming soon to a blog near you.

  2. I'm not sure if you have a male brain you should be allowed to write a blogumentary. ::grin::

    Just kidding.

    This just shows that my son comes by his behavior naturally via his father.

  3. Had he been a real man, he would have got you to unload the motorbike. I therefore challenge your assertion that his behaviour is 'typical'.
    I also trust that, after his major surgery, you nursed him like any dutiful and loving wife would.

  4. in the past, regardless of the nature or location of the injury, i would simply say, if you do not

    a. have that looked at


    b. clean that out,

    your penis will most likely fall off as an unfortunate eventuality.

    it usually worked.

  5. Vicus, rest assured that I took care of my man as I always do. And I've have to agree that my husband is in no way typical of the species. He's wonderfully chivalrous, always leaves the seat down, and has the kindest heart of any man I've ever known. So...I guess you're right. He's not typical.

    Anna, that is hilarious! I've often told my accident prone son that if he's injured, the only cure is to be catherized. He's had it done before and it wasn't pleasant so he'd rather not repeat it.

  6. boyz will be boyz :)



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