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Why am I doing this....

Oh right. To keep a chronicle/journal of sorts about our life. Or my life. Or life in general. Or Sargeant Major.

I'm sure that was funnier in my head than it is here.

At any rate. I dashed off to school this morning to teach my little darlings and then forced them to march down to the school office to show off their newly learned skills in singing Christmas Carols in Spanish.

Boy were they embarrassed, but they did a fairly good job. Their Cascabels could have used more work but they brought the house down with a rousing rendition of Feliz Navidad if only because they've heard it on the radio so often and it does contain some words in English.

I was ever so proud.

Then it was on to home to pick up the Wee Girl (as she shall now be known) and take her to her swim therapy lessons at Children's Hospital. As I was sitting there I took out my cell phone and looked at a video I'd taken of her when she first started. The difference in her swimming is amazing! She's doing better and better all the time.

Then I picked up her seizure meds at the pharmacy while Wee Girl and Daddy traipsed off to the cafeteria for some pudding. I'm made to understand that pudding is an essential part of each hospital visit. I believe it was vanilla today. Then we took her to school and dropped her off.

We came home and hubby went upstairs to nap while I got his dinner together for him to take to work. He needed a nap as we ddin't get much sleep last night. Don't ask.

Now I've been sitting here laughing with my father as he reads through the things in his Diabetic Notebook. You know, things like how he's supposed to be controlling his portions and how to cook without sugar and how to make sure he never again enjoys another morsal of food as long as he lives. (That last part is what he believes)

As a newly minted diabetic, we all have a lot to learn to help him. To that end, I shall be attending yet another three hour class with him this evening. Right after I make dinner, clean up dinner, take girls to swim lessons and right before I collapse into a coma.


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