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Have you ever....

Hmmmm..... I wrote that blog topic heading and then thought better of what it was that I was going to write.

Have you ever done that? Wanted to write some thing but held back because you knew that writing it would get you into trouble?

:::whistles innocently:::

So here's another little tidbit on life here at Rancho Troeppl. Today the two youngest offspring and the Other Parental Unit and I went for a lengthy drive.

Yes, it was foolish and unwise and unthrifty and for a few hours I did not care I've been so weary lately of being good and staying home and yada yada yada. So off we went. The Boy, however, did not go with us. Because, you know. He's The Boy. He Who Cannot Be Bothered To Be A Part of The Family. Because We Are Boring.

I think you get the picture.

So off we drove. Here are a few excerpts from Allison to her sister:

"It's a good thing for you that my license to kill has expired"

After staring at her sister for an uncomfortable length of time she said, "No, you cannot escape my fearful gaze" Which was essentially true as we were all hurtling down the highway encapsulated in our gas-guzzling SUV. Yes, our carbon footprint was mightly today. Mighty I say. And today I did not care.

I really didn't.

We went to Leavenworth to see the lovely leaves and particpate in Oktoberfest, though we don't drink beer and we were fresh out of Leiderhosen. The drive over Steven's Pass was incredibly beautiful. A veritable feast for the eyes. Reds and golds and orange flaming trees bordering the road with the icy river peeking through the trees on the side as it accompanied us on our trip.

It was fun and it was relaxing and we took our own sandwhiches and bottles of water that we filled before we left home so we wouldn't spend money on food while we were there. Or anything else for that matter. Can you feel the guilt?

Yes, yes, I know. Bad Pammy.

So, here are a few pictures. Sorry, they're from my cell phone.

Here is The Other Parental Unit with The Two Girls. Notice the lovely Bavarianesque architecture and the mountains in the background. Who says I don't know how to frame a picture. Ok, Ok, Ok. Everyone says that. Just look at the picture and stop judging me.


Did I mention it was cold? Yes. It was. Cold. I realize that those of you who know me personally may believe an imposter is writing this post, but it's just me. A colder, more frozen me. I can't seem to get warm lately. I had the heat turned to 90 in the suburban and my seat warmer on and I was still chilled.

Yes, my thermostat is broken. Of course three days last week I suddenly felt like someone had tossed a lit match on me so I suppose in some evil universe this all equals out somehow.

Here's Allison in front of another lovely alpine-like structure. We think they were selling food in that one because it smelled so good. Mouth watering. We resisted, thank you very much. Also, please note the lovely hat on Allison's head. She purchased that with the money given to her by her sweet Aunt Kathy for her birthday. Thanks Aunt Kathy!


I have more pictures and oooooh so much more to say but my husband just whispered "we need to go to bed", which means he wants to read this before he goes to bed and I've been writing for far too long this evening and I should get off the computer now.

Ok, I'm going.


  1. your girls are hysterical!
    where do they get that wit?...
    leavenworth is so darling, totally worth the gas.

  2. I'm not sure where they get that. :)

    And yes, totally worth the gas. Even worth the fearful gaze! We had a wonderful time. Wish we could do more of it.


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