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Boeing is keeping me up at night

I went to sleep around 11 or so last night. I woke up around 2 and never went back to bed. I couldn't.

Couldn't sleep, couldn't turn my brain off.....just couldn't.

I watched tv. I was going to read but there wasn't enough light in the living room and I couldn't read in bed because that would have woken Lance up. Mind numbing tv.

There really isn't anything good on during that time period. Have you ever noticed that? Most are paid programming for kitchen gadgets you can't live without, exercise machines you need after you get the kitchen gadgets and eat yourself into a coma and ads for making millions on real estate etc.

So I lost a few brain cells.

My Dad got up around 5 or so. He put the leash on the beagle and went out to walk her. Not before he sat and talked to me and brought on more tears from me. Not sure he noticed since it was dark in the living room. He came back into the house and asked me if Lance was on picket duty.

Nooooooo, he wasn't. Why?

Well, because our car was missing.

Proverbial last straw.

Who on earth would steal an ancient KIA????

I lost it. I mean, it's not like I loved that car but it gets good gas mileage, it's useful because we spend our lives in the car driving kids to school and church and picking them up from school and....well, you get the idea.

I just lost it.

I went upstairs to tell Lance the car was gone.

Poor thing, just what he needed. A sobbing wife at 5:30 in the morning, babbling incoherently in his ear. He got up, said he'd had to park the car in a different part of the street because there had been no parking in front of the house when he got home last night. He went and showed me where the car was parked.

No stolen car.

Maybe the Lord knew I simply needed a good, therapeutic, hysterical cry-fest.

Cuz yeah. I had one.


  1. "Boeing is keeping me up at night"
    I wouldn't know about that - I've never boed.

  2. wow, i would have been in full blown panic mode! It would have been a very big final straw on my back with all the icky goings on down here!

  3. Wish there was something I could do.

    I could go round and throw a brick through Vicus' window, if that would help?

  4. Boeing, Boeing, BONG!

    You need some good news, or a BONG!

    Grey skies are gonna clear up..

  5. vicus---I highly reccomend it.

    Rebecca---I know. I wasn't panicked as much as I was...hysterical.

    Dave dear, tossing a brick though vicus' window would seriously elevate my mood! I'd want pictures of course.

    Donnnnnn---good news would be wonderful. Boeing is going back to the table today, so hopefully that means going back to work is a possibility.

  6. I hope that cry cleansed your system for a bit. I had one of those last Sunday and I'm not even going through the stress of the Boeing strike. I'm glad the car was just in a different spot. Like you need to add "stolen car" to your list.


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