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Boeing Strike Check

We took time this morning to pick up our FABULOUS and INDECENTLY LARGE strike check so we could get it to the bank and then use it for wild exotic vacations, limo rentals, prohibitively expensive gourmet meals and that little surgical procedure I've been eyeing stamps. And a roll or two of toilet paper. Ok, one roll.

We didn't want to go overboard. Splurging just isn't in our nature. Ha.

Yes, that $150 dollars a week is sure to 'tide us over'. Well, it certainly won't keep the tide at bay, or the bill collectors off our backs but hey. Toilet paper is vital and we're grateful for that.

Lance has been busy sawing and pounding and working on my father's upstairs bathroom in order to install a new toilet so none of us have to fall down the stairs in the middle of the night in search of bladder relief. I'm sure the person to fall will either be me or my father. Or both. Neither of us are quite steady on our feet at three a.m. We tend to stumble a bit.

Did I mention we're old? Yeah.


Did you know that Boeing and the Union went back to the bargaining table? Why yes, yes they did. I think it lasted a whole half an hour or so before both sides stomped off muttering something about 'intransigent, intractable blankety-blanks who don't want to negotiate' yada yada yada.

I'd like to sit them all down and whack them on the backs of their hands with rulers.

Why yes, I did attend a Catholic school growing up, why do you ask? Sister Sheila wielded a mean ruler, lemme tell you. I think the negotiations could use a Sister Sheila.

"Now, who here is willing to compromise?"


More silence.



"I AM I AM!"

See? That's not so hard now is it? And it would put an end to those pesky tiny checks and start bringing home REAL paychecks again.


  1. Sorry, it took me a long while to work out about what it was you were talking. It's a cheque, you see, in real English.

    I have no idea what it might be in Spanish.

  2. You must not have heard that the colonies call it a check. Please try to keep up :)


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