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Happy October

It's already October. No, please don't tell me how many shopping days until Christmas. I don't want to know.

Just so you know, those of you with my cell phone number? It's not working. Verizon, for some reason, gets a bit testy when you go out on strike and don't get paid so you can't pay your cell phone bill. Go figure. So that number is not currently in working order.

And won't be in the foreseable future.

Unless of course my early morning Spanish classes take off as I hope they do. The flyers went out to the little darlings at the elementary school yesterday. I've set up two classes One for K-3rd graders and one for 4-6 graders. I'm excited to begin those classes again.

I'm also having fun with my two Spanish classes in the school district. The kids are great. Today Lance and I went there after running some errands and worked on some bulletin board decorations. Tomorrow when I pick the girls up from school I'll take them there and they are going to help me put up the stuff. The Boy? He's not been to school since Monday because on Tuesday he had his foot sliced and diced.

He said he'd be up and at school the following day becuase he's tough. Then of course the anesthesia wore off. Yeah, he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

mmmm....anesthesia..... I think I could use some of that.

Or not.


  1. Things will work out. One way or another.

  2. Thanks Dave. I know they will. We're luckier than some because we have a roof over our heads and food to feed our children with, even though it's coming from our church. Times are tough for a lot of people right now and I think it's only going to get worse.

    But as long as we keep the faith and focus on the truly important things in life---all will be well.

  3. oh, i love october!
    and i hope things pick up this month for you.
    at least there's lots of yummy pumpkin stuff for comfort eating!

  4. Darlin' could eat all the yummy pumpkin stuff on the planet and still look gorgeous.

    Me? I think about it or am in the area where someone is eating it and I gain five more lbs. Sigh.


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