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From the mouths of babes....

One of our favorite shows is NCIS. I think Gibbs is cute but my little Ally thinks my age is the reason for my complete lack of ability to sense hotness in guys on tv.

At one point there was some danger to the Goth chick Abbey

Allison: "Abbey can't die, she's the only cool person on the show!"

Me: "Uh uh, Dinozo is way cool"

Allison: "You don't know anything because you're a wrinkly old person"

Me, mouth wide and eyes staring at her.

Allison: "Mom, you can gape at me all you want, it's not going to change anything. You're still getting gray hair and you can't stop aging"

I was so proud she used the word 'gape' correctly.


  1. LOL, she knows her mom so well! hee hee

  2. I will always love you, no matter how decrepit, haggard and motheaten you look.

    wv: glersh - Yiddish for decrepit, haggard and motheaten.

  3. OUCH

    I like Dinozo because he is so shallow
    Abbey is kewl but the sexual tension between her and Gibbs is beyond my suspension of disbelief..give it a rest.

    If you love Mark Harmon (sexiest man alive 86) have you ever seen the movie Stealing Home with Jodie Foster?

  4. Rebecca---unfortunately that's true. I'm looking more and more like the crypt keeper than anything else. I've ordered all mirrors removed from our home so that I can continue the fantasy that I'm really not an old crone.

    Vicus--we could be twins m'dear. :)

  5. Donnnnnnnnnnn, I see more sexual tension between dinozo and Ziva. I love the Dinozo Slap. We've incorporated that into our parenting here. :)

    No, I've not seen Stealing Home. Is it good? I wasn't one to swoon over Mark Harmon in his younger days but there's just something about him now....


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