Thursday, January 01, 2009

Wild and Wacky New Year Adventures--don't be jealous

We were wild and crazy last night as we rang in the new year at home. The Boy and The Girl were out and about---we stayed home because we are just that daring and wild.

We ate things that were bad for our cholesterol, our arteries and probably our brain cells. The girls fell asleep before the stroke of midnight. I barely managed to hang on and then the only reason we knew it was the new year was the noise and racket from our neighbors. Fireworks, air horns, clanking pots and pans and the barking of our dog. Hubby and I said happy new year to each other, kissed and then I passed out asleep.

In our defense, we'd had to get up quite early yesterday to be at Children's Hospital for Ash's MRI, so we were functioning on little sleep.

Also, we're kind of old.


  1. Kind of, dear? Hmmm.
    Happy new year to you and your long suffering family.

  2. I was comparing myself to you, m'dear :)

  3. Don't age us all, my friend...after all, age IS a state of mind...ok, wait, hmmm...maybe that does separate YOU from the rest of us! Just noticed your bucket list (yes, I'm a bit slow). Only 30 things??? But, I guess with being so old, you would have to work hard to reach that many! hee hee...all teasing aside, YOU, my friend, are an inspiration of good to us all!!!

  4. In reality my bucket list is MUCH longer but I only posted a portion of it---the rest is somewhat more personal and private.

    and HEY! I am older than you m'dear. BECCA! LOL Now I will run away before Steve comes after me.

  5. Where's me wand. Accio Pamela! ... DAMN! It's not my wand. :(

  6. Steve, you shouldn't steal someone else's wand!

    Dave, a happy new year to you as well! :)


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