Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boeing layoffs a'comin' down the pike

I gathered the kids around me last night at the dinner table. I'd splurged and bought some fresh strawberries, some delicious clementines and some green grapes to make a fruit salad to go with the pasta and broccoli. After Stephanie said the blessing on the food, I told them how glad I was that we were all together.

"Thanks for sitting down tonight all together, I just wanted to..."
I was interrupted by Ashley Rose.
"Dad lost his job again, didn't he?"
"What? No! He's fine. He's still got his job"
"You always sit us down like this and start talking like that when he's gotten laid off"
"I do?"
"You do"
"Well, Daddy's job is fine---and even if it weren't fine, WE'D be fine. Ok?"

They all shrugged and continued eating.

Of course this morning Boeing announced another ten thousand layoffs coming. I might have to sit them down in the near future and give them that talk, but I surely hope not.



  1. just remember, you KNOW that you WILL be fine!!!

  2. Yep, no one gets out of this alive anyway, right?

  3. I surely hope not too.

    I loved reading your resume on the flyer that came home about the spanish classes you are teaching at the school -- so impressive! I want to be like that with my Italian. That's something on my bucket list.

  4. You are too sweet Paige. Thank you!


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