Monday, January 05, 2009

I love Mondays

I do, truly. Mondays are a new start. A new beginning. Back on schedule and back in the saddle.

The saddle was almost yanked out from under me today by the snowfall all night, but thankfully it turned to rain this morning. School was an hour and a half late--which wasn't too bad.

The roads were all right but as I slushed through the track at Meridian Park, I realized that walking wasn't a good idea. My feet were soaking wet and I kept slipping in the mush. Ugh. I managed to go twice around then called it quits.

My first Spanish class of the day was smile-worthy. The children were thrilled to be back and they chattered about their Christmas vacation and the fun they had in the snow. I realized as I listened to them how attached to them I've become. They light up my day. One little red-headed boy is exuberant. His smiles are infectious. I'm grateful this job has landed in my lap.

One more good thing--they called me about Ash's MRI. There has been no more brain damage. That's excellent news but doesn't explain her bouts off dizziness. We have an appointment with her Neuro soon.

I do love Mondays....


  1. Glad the mri had some good news for you. I hope the other things get figured out soon.

  2. I'm a bit late but Happy New Year and all that. Good news about the MRI

  3. You sound like a fun person!

    Just to let you know, there's a new book contest running on my blog today. It's a good one :-)

  4. good news about ashley.
    i pray you get some answers soon.
    i like mondays too. i love having a routine.
    fridays are good too.
    and the weekend.


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