Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

Yes, it's time to ice the knee again. I'm not quite sure what I did to it or if I did anything at all. All I know is that it's not right. There is pain, yes mighty pain. It wakes me at night and makes me wince and nearly cry.

So of course I'm putting off going to the doctor to see if icing it, taking anti-inflammatories and pain pills will magically resolve whatever it is that's wrong in there.

Meanwhile I've been racing around interpreting for teachers and parents and loving it. I'll be starting four more Spanish classes at two different schools and am about to start reading our book club's new book.

"La Sombra del Viento"

Next week I'll concentrate on leaping over tall buildings in a single bound and finding a cure for stupidity. Oh, and rudeness. I can't abide rude people---especially when their rudeness is aimed in my direction. Those people need curing and perhaps a good spanking or two.


  1. no wonder your knee hurts girl.
    stop the leaping!
    and give them a spank for me too.

  2. Please give some guidance as to what sort of rudeness deserves a good spanking. I need to hone it to the right level.

  3. Rude people are the worst.

    I hope the ice does the trick, you do not need another reason to see another doctor!

  4. I'll give them a spank for sure :)

    I have been trying the ice for days and it's sadly apparent to me that it's not working. Now it's time for some good old fashioned medical intervention. Ugh.


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