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February 14th...

I've been so busy I haven't had time to put up the last and final gift for Valentine's Day.


If you look closely you can see Lance in the reflection on the balloon as he was taking the picture. A red heart balloon and a single red rose and a beautiful card. But that wasn't all. After the kids left he kidnapped me and we took a ferry boat in Puget sound to a remote island where he'd arranged to have a magnificent brunch served to us. Fresh salmon and asparagus, chocolate puddings, tarts, fresh fruits, creme brule' and then there was a three string orchestral group playing off to the side that really set the mood. We were looking out the window of this rustic place, right on the beach, watching the ferries going back and forth, as we held hands across the table and talked about things.

I think I had too much sparkling cider and warm food because I was feeling so drowsy.....that I fell asleep.

When I woke up I realized that the balloon, the flower and the card had all been real--but the rest had been a dream I was having. We'd both been so exhausted from staying up until 2a.m. to work and then I'd had to get up at 6 to take Chris to Seminary that I fell back into bed next to my gently snoring husband and I dreamed of a ferry boat right and salmon and the peaceful sound of water lapping the shores...

Ah yes... someday the dream will come true.

In the meantime, here is Ashley perusing the Valentine's Day haul on the counter. She's still wrapped in her blankie.


Another view looking towards the kitchen.



  1. Is it over now? Can I take my fingers out of my ears and look again?

  2. Good job it was a dream, orchestras with only 3 strings sound awful.

  3. Awwwww, you two..... You're so in love, I was reading that and thinking, jeez, what kind of guy is this that thinks of taking his wife out like that ( I know it was a dream, but i can imagine lance doing that).
    I do buy my Mrs a coffee when we go to the supermarket - well, she pays for it, but I queue up and buy it.

  4. Vicus dear, aren't your fingers always in your ears? What would be different?

    Tommy my love, you're right. We are very much in love. He's a good man and he has done that for me in the past, as I have for him. You're sweet to buy your wife something to drink, even if she is paying.

  5. I think I've had that dream with the ferry and an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet with Mariachi's playing in the background and at least three mimosas parked in front of me at the table! Anyway, I'm glad your Valentine's day was fabulous!


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