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Well that was exciting....

This weekend was OUR weekend. We had reservations at The Arctic Hotel in downtown Seattle. We were on the top floor (Hi Kelli!) so we had a wonderful view. We dropped off the kids at school then went for a drive in the country. We visited some of the places we used to go to when we were dating.

After a delightful lunch in Duval, we headed for the big city lights.

After we checked in and tried out the sinfully decadent feather bed (we were just sitting and talking, I swear!) I told hubby that I could get used to living like this. Quiet. No one in our room with us. Quiet. A GREAT view. Quiet. Did I mention the quiet? Sigh. We went out to walk around a bit downtown before it got dark that night.

We visited the architecturally-unique Seattle Library, the Columbia Center and a few other places before heading back to the luxury hotel. Did I mention the jetted tub? And the quiet? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....and the view? This isn't the view from our hotel room but from the street because my camera was stolen last month and all I have at this point is my cell phone camera.

Which I forgot to charge before we left home so it died a horrible death soon after we checked in. But see that building with the cool molding? That's the Arctic.

Funny story---when we checked in the person behind the desk sort of looked at us like we shouldn't be there. He was probably right, because we didn't look like the kind of people who stay in a luxury hotel such as the Artic. As he was looking up our reservation, he noticed I was looking at the array of old photos on the wall behind him. He mentioned that The Artic had once been a gentleman's club but had been renovated to the high end hotel it was today.

"Some of the most prominent citizens of Seattle used to come here, like the Nordstroms"
"Oh, the Nordstoms? I went to school with them" This from my very unassuming husband who grew up on Mercer Island with all the hoity-toity people. He called Mercer Island Snot Rock, so you can see he wasn't overly impressed.
"Is Rob Lee here?" I asked the desk person, who immediately perked up. "You know Rob of course?" I said.

"Yesssss, he's the Vice President of our Management Company"
"He made our reservations for us"

We were treated a bit nicer after that.

Now if only my mouth had cooperated. I felt a twinge of pain that evening. By morning I was in serious pain. Despite that, we checked out and made our way down to the water front to have some fun. We ate at one of our favorite places, Ivars. We were joined by several flocks of seagulls who were extremely entertaining. They ate on the fly and if you went for a few minutes without feeding them they made quite a ruckus. Due to the pain in my mouth, I was only able to take in a small amount of their delicious clam chowder. Mmmmmm..... It was wonderful. You could see the Olympic Mountains in the distance and the sun was shining. Gorgeous. Truly.

We'd picked a gorgeous day to be down on the waterfront and it was tug race day as well!

If only my mouth had cooperated, it would have been the perfect day. Perfect weekend. We ran some errands and then went home to the loving arms of our children who missed us horribly. That night there was a sock hop at our ward building.

Then it was Mother's Day! More pain. Worse, much worse. I managed to make it through sacrament meeting and then had Lance bring me home.

The rest of the day was a blur of agony. Today? Today was a visit to the oral surgeon and then the endontist. My pain was mighty. Mighty.

My husband was there for me, held my hand through the entire ordeal. I could not have made it through this without him. I am truly blessed to have this man beside me.

And now, to heal. Lots of good drugs and antibiotics.


  1. Duval, I like that town, on paper, anyway...did some research a few years ago on possible places to move to!

    Seattle library, I can't wait to see that, hopefully on our next trip!

    Snot Rock, LOL, I never would have guessed!

    Glad it was a gorgeous day for you!

  2. What a wonderful time (if only your mouth had cooperated it would have been perfect!)!

    I know your pain though. I have to go back to the endodontist to have him finish up what he started due to my pain. (((HUGS))) It is awful pain - I feel for you!!!

  3. Oh man! Mouth pain is among the worst. get better!

  4. Sorry about the mouth pain.

    Glad you were able to have some luxury and peace and quiet.

  5. Yeah, Lance calls Mercer Island Snot Rock, or The Golden Ghetto. It's an interesting place to live.

    We lived there for a while when we just had Steph and Chris. It was a fascinating time.

    Drugs are my friend today. And tomorrow probably. I'm so swollen I look like a chipmunk.


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