Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today I took a lot of pain meds. I'm still not right with the aftermath of my oral invasion. The swelling below my chin seems to have gone down somewhat, but I think I should not be in such pain this far into the game.

Today I took a lot of pictures. My nephew Cameron spoke in church today. It was his farewell, as he's leaving for his mission in a week or so. He's going to the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, Spanish Speaking. He gave an incredible talk in sacrament meeting. I cried, but for other reasons nearer and more painful to my heart.

Today I took a lot of pictures. Oh wait, I said that already. Well, here are a few that I snapped today of the kids. Here they are getting ready for me to take their pictures. They weren't thrilled that I wanted to do this, but it's been a while since I've had them all dressed up at the same time and in the same place. Chris even put on a tie for the occasion. We were at Julie's house after church for a barbecue/dinner/potluck thing and it was nice. A few extended family came, which was fun as we we don't see them as often as we'd like.

Here's another picture of them when they thought they were ready to have their picture taken. It's still not the best picture of them ever but it was the best I could do. I look at them and wow....sometimes I'm overwhelmed with emotion. How did they get so old? So big? Where did the time go? Slipped through my fingers. They each came from us, are a part of us and couldn't be more different. Four unique individuals----dissimilar from each other.

They arrived here, each with their own personalities and now look at them.... They do know how to smile, honest they do. I've seen them. I've even seen them laugh and giggle and play together. I'm not sure any of the pictures I took of them show that.

Oh wait, here's one of Steph that I took before we left church. Isn't she gorgeous? Yes, we all think so too.

I have other photos but I'm too tired to post them and it's time for another round of pain meds.


  1. are you getting all Tevye on us?! (I'm hearing "sunrise, sunset" in the background)

    Of course Steph is "gorgeous" look her who mom and dad are!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

  2. Phuleeeeese. While at the party, one of the guests who hadn't seen us in a few years looked at me, looked at Lance then looked at Steph and back at us again. "How did YOU two make THAT?" then she laughed. But it's true. I have no clue how it happened. She is stunning.


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