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How do you get to the point.....

Where you think it's a good idea to go off into the night and smash the windows on parked cars and then steal what's inside?

How do people get to that point? We're all born the same. Tiny infants, innocent babies who are loved and cuddled and hopefully taught right from wrong, taught the Golden Rule.

Where do these people come from? Did they start out telling little fibs to their mommy and daddy and get away with it? Did they steal penny candy from the corner grocery store and never get caught? Or if their mom caught them, was she too tired and embarrassed to drag the child back into the store and march them up to the counter to have them give the candy back and apologize for what they'd done? My Niece did just that the other day with three screaming children in tow. Hard? You bet. Worth it? Very. I had to do the same thing when my four children were small. It embarrassed the daylights out of them----as well it should.

You should be mortified when you do something wrong. When you lie, when you steal, when you swear at someone, when you drive drunk, when you hit someone or when you hurt someone's feelings.

I think perhaps some of the problem is that parents are disconnected from the their children. I also know that that's not always the case either---the best intentions of the parents and all the teaching of wrong vs right to a child should make a difference but children also have free agency to do what they will.

And some do just that.

But hopefully the early training they receive in life will bring them back around to living an honest and decent life after a time wallowing in scummy walk ways of life.

I do not know the person or persons who smashed in the window of my suburban on Thursday night. I know they took more than my purse, my camera, wallet, pictures, money and for some reason my novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. They took my sense of security as well.

At first I was devastated and angry and crying.

Now? I've replaced my purse, some of my Spanish teaching materials, gotten a replacement drivers license, canceled all my cards and had the window fixed but my sense of security is still missing. I don't think it will ever come back.

And as for the thug who did this.....I do hope you find your conscience again. I hope you come to understand that taking something that's not yours is wrong. Plain wrong. You take so much more than physical objects when you destroy someone's property and rob them.

I hope you turn your life around and become the person God intended you to be and not the thieving cretin that you are now.


  1. Oh...that is just horrible!! I totally understand about the loss of security, out of control-ness after something like that happens. We wanted to pack up and move when our car was mugged from our car parked in front of our house in Seattle. Makes me so mad that someone would do that. Sense of your security will be back. Give it some time.

  2. Thanks Satako. It's an awful feeling, isn't it?

  3. I lost my sense of security in my home when it was flooded, twice.

    Have a happy Easter, anyway.

  4. there was a family moving from CA to MN and stayed the night in West Valley City, Utah. Their moving truck was taken right from the parking lot! The good news is that it was recovered within a day or so, but the bad news is that about 3/4 of their things were gone. All but the dad in the family flew to MN and the dad said the main issue was the feeling they had been violated!


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