Saturday, May 30, 2009


Allison made a FAB breakfast this morning. She made bacon, eggs, French toast and orange julius. It was for her culinary arts class and she did a superb job!

She was supposed to clean up as well, but we had to rush over to church so she could participate in stake service project with the young men and young women. They made blankets for children and then were getting a great lunch after wards. Soooo, I came home and cleaned it all up for her. Not a problem---she's always good about cleaning up and doing things around the house. She's a GREAT kid.

Steph is working all day and Chris has to present his senior project to a panel of judges at the high school today. Lance has to work and so that leaves Ashley and I on our own for a while....

Oh the trouble we could get into! Which I'd better get to. Later!

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  1. I'm so glad my kids don't have to do the senior project thing anymore...UGH. Good luck...


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