Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring in Seattle

I took a couple of pictures of the flowers in my father's yard today. The rain let up just enough for me to do that. :) I LOVE lilacs. This is in the backyard with a bird house tucked away inside the bush. What you can't see is the bird feeder nearby, which attracts a multitude of winged creatures, as well as hordes of squirrels.

I always wanted lilacs at my wedding, but alas I was married in August and by that time the lilacs are all gone. There is a big white lilac tree in the front yard. I'll try and get a picture of that soon. This is a picture of the hanging flowers near the lilac bush---I can't recall the name but they're gorgeous as well.

In fact my father's entire yard is filled to bursting with color from all the flowers he's planted over the years he's lived here. It's a beautiful place to be in the spring, especially with the stream and pond.

Then there's our cat Bobo. He's an indoor kitty who's always attempting to escape to the great outdoors. He got out the other day and hid under a bush by the back door. He wants to explore but I think all the space is intimidating to the poor feline. After I snapped this picture I managed to lure him back into the safety of the house. If you look closely you can see him there right in the middle. He's looking at me and probably wishing I hadn't found him so soon before he could make a real break for it.


  1. i don't remember why, but my brother's nickname was Bobo! Beautiful pics! Lilacs are my mom's favorites!

  2. Those are pretty flowers Pammy .... You are going to take the plunge while daddy is out of town eh? Good luck hugs from debba.

  3. Becca, you know that 'bobo' means 'stupid' in Spanish, right? Not that our kitty was named that on purpose, it was just a name that my daughter started calling him.

    Debba-- I sure hope so!


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