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This goes above and beyond the call of being Blond

My son. My delightful seventeen-soon-to-be-eighteen son.

Every morning he gets up and drives himself to seminary (for those of you non-LDS, it's a morning scripture study class for high schoolers). He takes our small car and then parks it in front of school when he gets there.

Hubby and I get up and we take the girls to school each morning a few hours later. Then I drop hubby off where The Boy has parked the car, he drives it back home and then drives it to work.

Are you with me so far? Good.

So he leaves the house around 6:20-6:30 every morning. Seminary is from 6:30 til about 7:15 or so. He then drives a few blocks to school and parks the car.

In theory, and usually in practice, this is when he TURNS the car OFF, removes the key, locks the door and walks into school.

Not so today.

When I dropped hubby off at the parked car, it was parked all right. It was even locked. The problem? IT WAS RUNNING. Key in ignition, car running.

For over an hour. Sitting in front of the high school. Running.

This is one of those moments when my husband and I look at each other, brows furrowed and attempt to figure out how he managed to do what he did.

Thus far, we've yet to come to any satisfactory conclusion to any of the things he's done.

I'm sorry, but even being blond doesn't quite cover this.

Does it?


  1. Kathy A9:28 PM

    Ok this must be a hereditary thing. Last week I met Chrissy at Costco and we briefly stopped in the middle of the parking lot so that I could put her dog in our car. She left the car running with loud italian rap music blaring and locked herself out in the process. She managed to get a hanger from the automotive shop and so in the pouring rain a guy stopped and helped wiggle it in enough to open the electric window and an older couple stopped and brought her an umbrella and was looking to bring her a blanket to keep warm. Good thing for the kindness of takes a village you know, or a good coat hanger maybe.

  2. So you're saying this comes from YOUR side of the family?!? LOL Ok, I'll let you take the blame for this one.

    Of course, this doesn't explain how I went through the car wash with the sun roof half way open on Monday. Ohmygosh it was awful. You don't even want to know.

    So I guess The Boy gets this....defect....from both sides. :)

  3. duckgirl11:51 PM

    Oh man! Good thing nobody came along and decided it was worth breaking into and taking off in it!

  4. yes, that is one joy of not having the nicest and coolest stuff around, eh?!

    all i can do is shake my head and wonder how much longer can we all go on claiming to know you people?! :P

  5. Yeah, well at least there's that. Who'd want to steal an old Kia? Now, our suburban, on the other hand, is apparently much more delectable to those running around without a conscience.

  6. Ha ha! Chris....
    He is a cutie.
    I bet the seminary was just sooooo boring that his brain turned off for a while. I get that sometimes. Love that kid.

  7. I did almost the same thing when I was a teenager -- got out of the car at the gas station (which was the sole purpose of my trip, since driving was pretty new) and locked the keys in the car with the engine running. Whoo, boy, did I feel lame.


    P.S. I showed up here because you are supposedly a popular blog in "my area" -- I live in Fall City, can't tell if you are a distant neighbor or far, but thanks for sharing your life.

  8. Hi ReaderThinker!

    Welcome and thanks for the visit. for that whole 'being a popular blog' in your area....seriously?

    I LOVE Fall City. My hubby and I used to spend a great deal of time there at the Brown Bag and then at the park by the river when we were dating. It's a beautiful area. I'm in Seattle now---but I'd love to be in Fall City.

    Again, welcome!


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