Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Illegal things at school

Ashley was looking off into space at the dinner table this evening. I asked her what she was thinking about.

"I ....uh......um...."
"You don't know what you were thinking about?"
"I spent 8 hours thinking today. I can't think anymore"
"What were you thinking about for 8 hours?"
"The WASL. I had to do the writing part today"
"What did you write about"
"I can't tell you"
"What do you mean you can tell me?"
"It's against the law"
"It's against the law to tell me what you were doing at school today?"

At this point I was laughing and so was my father.

"It's true!! I can't tell you about it! They told us we can't talk about it"
"Maybe I should ask your teacher about it"
"She doesn't know either"
"Your teacher doesn't know what it was you were doing in class today?"
"Nope. She doesn't even get to see what we did. We have to send it somewhere else"
"Where does it go?"
"I think it goes to Yakima"
"Yeah, there are special teachers there to look at that stuff"
"Your teacher isn't special?"

Oh how I love this child of mine.

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  1. glad this is documented...someday she will realize that all teachers are special...in one way or another! :) in the meantime, out of the mouth of babes, eh?!


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