Monday, April 20, 2009

18 years ago today.....

I went under the knife. I'll spare you the gory and painful details, but the end result was a man child. We named him Christopher, but called him Critter. He goes by Chris to his friends.

Today he turned 18 years old.


He wanted to go to Red Robin for dinner so that's where we took him. It was just me and the girls. Before we went, he made me promise not to say anything to the waitress about it being his birthday. He didn't want to be embarrassed by the singing and clapping that they do.

"I promise I won't say a thing"
I didn't promise I wouldn't write a note to the waitress on a napkin.

I held it up to her as I was ordering and he was looking somewhere else. She winked at me and I knew the singing and clapping was assured.

So while we waited for the burgers and fries, Steph and Chris did a bit of coloring.It's nice to see that although some things change, a lot of things don't.

Before the burgers came, he opened his cards and gifts from us and his Grandparents. See how happy he is? Ok, he doesn't LOOK happy, but trust me, he's happy.

The burgers arrived and there was the satisfied munching of all carnivores present. Then came the fun part! The singing and the red face of my son.

Allison asked to make the cake for Chris and she's been planning it for weeks. She made fondant for the very first time and here's the end result.


  1. I acknowledge that you do not welcome comments that allude to intimate acts, and that where you live in the Wild West things are done slightly differently, but I am shocked that you think that the act of conception involves "going under the knife". Over here, if one wants a baby, the act involves some embarrassment, lights out, a bit of fumbling and other activities that are too indelicate to mention, but hardly ever involve one partner ripping the intestines out of the other.
    I hope that this helps.

  2. Where were YOU 18 years ago? All this knife business could have been avoided.

  3. fun the pic where he is red! Good job on the cake Allison!!!


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