Thursday, April 02, 2009

I got drilled

by this. Today was Dental Day for our family. I hauled all six of us to the dentist for cleanings and to get my tooth repaired. I broke off a filling and part of a tooth last week.

For the record, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Dr. Madsen is the best. I barely felt the needle. I will shamelessly recommend him to all my dentally-challenged friends.

There were six cleanings done and not one cavity was discovered! See? I knew all this investing in toothpaste and fighting the kids every night about brushing their teeth would pay off in the end.

When we finished up we drove around our old haunts and shopped at the grocery store there that has food (in some instances) at half the price of what we pay here in Seattle. We over-shopped, but mostly purchased necessary items. Like hair coloring and strawberry pop tarts.

You may think the hair coloring is for my daughter and the pop tarts are for me, but you would be mistaken.

Which reminds me. I didn't make it to the gym today. Or yesterday. Ugh. See what happens when there's no school to keep me on a schedule? I go all wonky. Tomorrow I'll have to go and do double time on the treadmill for my sins.

That will be after we do another full frontal assault on the basement room. There WILL be a family room in the basement.


  1. we all get wonky, kids or no kids! You should post before and after pics of this now famous room!

  2. Going to the dentist is something I matter how good he is. I don't mind root canals, odd as that sounds...but I hate the crowns...sigh. Taking everyone at once would be insane!! (grin) I don't think our dentists' waiting room would handle it...
    Our spring break is this next week. YEAH!!


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