Thursday, August 04, 2016

It's Friday!, wait it's only Thursday. Ugh

I'm not sure that's even a problem for me, as I'm not currently working. Nor have I heard from the powers that be by email, phone or text. A friend in the office did text me this morning to ask if I'd heard anything and I said no. I asked her if she had. She hasn't. Or perhaps she has and is being kind by not telling me. Either way, I am at peace. If I don't get the job, I don't get the job. I should be panicking. Debt, I'm looking at you. And it's giving me a nice stare back.

Today I'm with my youngest daughter and my grandson. And my tiny doggy, Bella. Enzo adores Bella. Bella has warmed to him and now considers him part of our pack. I know this because when someone Bella didn't know tried to touch Enzo, she growled menacingly. As only an almost-five-pound adorable ball of fur can. It was touching.

Shout out to my only reader, G. Parker. Your comments have been kind and sweet. I do appreciate your continued reading of my blatherings and your nice words. We should meet up sometime :)

This is yet another of my rambling posts. I wrote a lengthy post about taking care of my father but I took it down. It was too much, too personal and so many other things. It's hard. And that's all I'll say today on that matter.

Tomorrow I will be attending the funeral for a three year old boy. Christian is the grandson of one of my friends. He was born with many physical issues, one being in need of a new heart. He got it, but things did not go as planned. His mom kept a facebook page about their daily life in the hospital. It's called Christians Soldiers. Mom Aimee ended each post with New Year, New Heart. If you want to read and be uplifted by someone with immense faith in our Father's plan, then this is the page for you. I have learned so very much from her about grace under fire. About faith in the Lord's timing and about acceptance of God's will. I doubt I will ever be as strong as this amazing woman, but she gives me something to shoot for. Tomorrow will be difficult and painful--and beautiful. Christian was an amazing little soul with such a grin. I'm smiling here as I write this and seeing his little face. His story touched thousands of people across the world.

Saturday I will be visiting my son in rehab. It doesn't even hurt to write those words. Amazing.

Sunday I will try to go to church. This year has been a year where I have had much difficulty in attending on Sundays. So has my husband. We didn't really connect with the ward we moved into and so we asked for a boundary exception and haven't heard a word about it. I think we're somewhere in limbo land. It's not an entirely nice feeling. Perhaps New Year, New Heart should apply to me as well. I need a new heart for I fear the one I have is damaged.

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