Sunday, August 21, 2016

I has lost my happy

... And I know not how to get it back.

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  1. Oh Pam!!! :( I am so sad for you! I have NOT been where you are...I can only imagine the kind of pain you're in. You're whole family.
    I have a co-worker/friend whose daughter has gone pretty much the rounds as well. Married, two children, fourth or fifth time in rehab, I'm not sure. Just finished the current bit, and is determined to stay clean. She has lost one of the kids to previous boyfriend...but at least has visits. Almost lost the youngest...
    I don't know how the mom does it. I would be like you...dying each time.
    Can you go to the temple and sit in the celestial room?
    I really wish I could just come ease your pain...
    Just know that my thoughts and heart is with you. Heavenly Father is there, He really is, and somehow you will pull through this. I know it looks dark and impossible...but somehow it will be made right.
    Take care... Could you email me your address? If you trust I won't send a stalker to your


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