Monday, January 10, 2011

Unwelcome Guests

I caught some nasty buggy somewhere. Not sure where it invaded my personal perimeter, but I am not pleased. NOT PLEASED. Do you hear me buggies?

Cease and desist upsetting my respiratory system and then causing me to upchuck my dinner and other unpleasantness best left unsaid. Or unwritten. Or whatever. Just go away. Please.

I missed church on Sunday and work today. I don't want to spread the fun horror.

Most of today was spent curled up in the fetal position under many blankets. Also under a cat. The cat seems to believe I am his bed, which is fine except when he gets all uber lovey and starts that kneading thing with his paws. Then I become less a bed and more a pin cushion.

In other news, I'm walking better. I've begun walking around inside the house without the cane (yay me!) but I think I'll keep it for longer adventures just in case. I still have other issues with the leg and the burseas. Those aren't healing as quickly and still give me problems. I wonder when that will leave?

Maybe I'll be lucky and the buggies and the busted up burseas will all leave together. I'd love to be back to me again.

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