Friday, January 28, 2011

Butter is just a little stick of smiles and happiness.

According to Paula Dean that is...

Allison: "Mom? Would you make that Breakfast Cheesecake thing again?"
Me: "You liked it, huh?"
Allison: "OHMYGOODNESS YES! It made my tastebuds jump up and dance the swing dance with little poodle skirts on and big puffy hair!"
Me: "Um...ooooo-kay"

I teach a cooking class for the school district and this week we made a Paula Dean recipe for a breakfast cheesecake. I'm not sure Paula Dean has ever made a dish without an entire cube of butter poured over it.

Hashbrowns? Butter.
Pound Cake? Butter
meatloaf? Butter!
Shampoo? I'm sure she'd manage to stick butter in there somewhere.

I'm amazed to see that Ms. Dean has a functioning cardiovascular system if this is the manner in which she constantly cooks.

But hey, if her food causes my daughter's taste buds to dress up in poodle skirts and swing dance, I'll simply have to stock up on more delicious sticks of smiles and happiness.


  1. So......where's the recipe? You are just going to leave us hanging?????

  2. Ok, but your arteries are going to close up just reading it.

    2 16oz packages of cream cheese, room temp.
    2 tubes of crescent rolls (8 count each)
    1 and 1/2 cup sugar
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1 cube of butter
    Cooking spray

    coat a 9x12 pan with cooking spray
    layer one tube of crescent rolls.
    Mix the cream cheese in a mixer with 1 cup of the sugar till all smooth and yummy.
    Spread over the crescent rolls. Layer 2nd can of crescent rolls over the cream cheese.
    Melt the cube of buttery goodness. Pour over the entire calorie laden pan.
    mix the teaspoon of cinnamon with the half cup of sugar. Sprinkle over the top of the stuff. Cover with plastic wrap them cover with foil. Refrigerate over night. Take out and let sit for half an hour and them bake for 30-35 minute at 350.

    Let sit for 15 minutes before you dig into the gooey goodness.


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