Sunday, January 23, 2011


I miss writing. Like I used to do, you know? Writing and getting paid to write was such fun. Sometimes difficult but mostly fun.

I might start again. Here a little, there a little. Not as much as I did before because I've got enough jobs to keep me uber occupied otherwise. Perhaps just a dip or two in the warm water of writing to clear out what's in my head. I had a gig at a paper or two here in town and they said I could always come back if I wanted to do so. The editors were fans. Which was nice.

It was always great therapy before. I'm sure it will be again.

And I'll try and tone down the snark. I said try. Try.

As in I can't promise anything.

In other news, someone gave me a can of sugar free Rockstar today. Have you tried this stuff? It tastes exactly like Nyquil of the cherry variety. I take that nasty stuff only when I am desperate for oxygen during nighttime periods.

It was full of ick.

I won't be rushing out to purchase that anytime soon. Or even later than soon.

Does anyone out there even drink that stuff? Sound off. I'd love to know.

On an emergency basis I will drink a lemonade sugar free AMP, but I rarely do that any longer. Except in a emergency. We call it my Emergency Amp and it's hidden in the suburban know. Emergencies.

And on that note, I think I'll call it a night.

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