Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweet Souls

Monday Lance and I had a delicious and delightful meeting at Children's Hospital to talk about how we were indentured to them for the remainder of our natural lives due to Allison's recent week long incarceration there. I think they'd like a part of us after we pass on as well, but I'm not quite sure how that's going to to work out.

After we finished there we stopped by to visit Peggy--she of the Pt/ot department and Ashley's dearest friend there at the hospital.

(We love her too)

Peggy was with a lady and her grandson at the time and before we'd arrived they'd apparently been talking about us. Now of course we know why our ears were burning.

Barbara and her grandson Kyle were here from Idaho and Kyle has a lot of the same issues as Ashley and so they invited us to come visit them at their hotel on Tuesday night and spend some time in the pool and visiting. There was talk of pizza and root beer and thus I was rendered incapable of saying no.

When we go there it was Wine and Cheese Night at the hotel. Not to be confused with the Whiney and Cheesy Nights that I generally enjoy here at Rancho Troeppl. So we ate cheese, nibbled crackers and got to know each other. Pizza arrived and then it was off to the pool. My swimsuit was still damp from my pool workout earlier in the day, but that's not the reason I declined to climb in the water. The pool was surrounded by windows. Windows that looked out from the dining area of the Wine and Cheese Night shindig. I was afraid I'd spoil appetites so I kept my clothes on and just the kids got into the pool.

Kyle has been through a great deal in his eight years on this planet. It was fun to watch Ashley helping him in the pool and to see him light up when he talked to her. It's good to meet someone who is a lot like you when you haven't met anyone who is anything like you ever.

So it was a lovely evening and I think we made some friends that we'll be able to visit with off and on as they come over here for treatments.

Nice to meet you Kyle and Barb!

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