Saturday, November 21, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck...

Are you old enough to remember the show Hee Haw? There was this little shtick they did about bad luck. It goes something like this:

Sometimes our life is like an episode of Hee Haw.

A few weeks ago our small car was sitting there minding it's own business and someone ran into it. Not only did they run into it, they ran off. A hit and run that totaled the car, according to our insurance company. It also rendered the driver's side door permanently stuck closed. Anyone driving the car has to climb in the passenger side to, clamber over the console and plop into the driver's seat. It's a lovely gymnastic adventure--especially if you're wearing a dress.

Last night at work the car was hit again. This time someone at hubby's work hit it in the front right corner, popping the door permanently OPEN.

At least this time the guy left a note with his insurance info on it.

Not that it's going to do us any good.

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