Monday, November 30, 2009


People make me crazy.

Sometimes I think I would seriously be happy living on a sandy beach somewhere with no other PEOPLE around.

Judgmental, cranky, irritating people. People who can't help but put in their two cents worth on everything you do. People who, oh just for the halibut, enjoy engaging in lengthy conversations about you because ....well, just because.

I'm not even sure I'd take my dog, as she's on my nerves right now.

Oh yeah....Fa la la la la friggin' la!

On the plus side today, I spent some time with my two youngest daughters. We went to the gym and swam laps then we went up to Alderwood and I bought myself some unmentionables with my birthday money (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Then I treated my girls to a dinner at Red Lobster. Just the three of us. We ate, we laughed and we had a wonderful time.

And not ONCE during the entire evening did the waitress question my parenting skills or my clothing. I'm also fairly certain that my waitress didn't scurry back to the kitchen to gossip about me with all the other waitresses. No one made me feel bad in any way whatsoever. It was wonderful.

I should do this kind of thing more often.

And now....I should really go look for some Valium somewhere.

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  1. You took your poor children out and forced to eat murdered crustaceans? What kind of a mother are you?

    That's my two cents worth. Although I would put the price well into eight figures.


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