Monday, October 05, 2009

Zooooooooooooo and Aquairium and birthdays oh my!

Spontaneity has been the name of the game for us lately. We generally go to the pool after school every day (and I go in the morning as well) but the other day I surprised the girls with a trip to the zoo.

Actually we've gone twice in the past week. Once with Steph and Ash and then the second time with Ash and Alli. I walked my feet off. It was fun each time---but the two experiences were markedly different. One visit was on a Saturday and the place was jammed with people. The second visit was in the afternoon on a weekday and there was virtually no one there but us and the animals.

I liked the second visit the best. Here's a slide show of our time there with Ash and Alli. Don't expect any pictures of me. You know better than that.

This past weekend Lance finally had some time off and we took full advantage of his time with us. We were all sort of sick with colds and not feeling so well but we managed to enjoy ourselves.

We began with a yummy waffle and sausage breakfast on Saturday morning before the first session of Conference from Salt Lake. Conference was wonderfully inspiring and uplifting. Then we went to Olive Garden for lunch to celebrate Ashley's 11th birthday (a few days early)

Then we dropped the two older kids off so they could go to work and the rest of us went down to the waterfront to hit up the Seattle Aquarium. It was a beautiful day.

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