Thursday, October 29, 2009

You know you're not feeling right when... do silly, distracted things. Like...oh, I don't know, maybe putting a fortune cookie in your mouth before you realize you forgot to take out the fortune.

For the record? That little paper thingy does not taste good.

Also, that finger I thought was sprained, really isn't. It's broken. I have to wear the splint forever now because I've damaged my poor lil digit with all my attempts to bend it when it should have been kept straight. This really cuts into my typing speed.

I took the girls to the gym this afternoon to see if it would make me feel better. Lance and I went there this morning as well but there was no exercise involved. We simply lowered ourselves gently into the jacuzzi and sat there. We were full of the pathetic.

I exercised this afternoon. It did nothing to drive my cold/flu away.

On the plus side? The kitchen is now spotless for the night. Or until The Boy decides to have a bowl of cereal. It's been about an hour since our penne pasta dinner with garlic bread and squash so I'm expecting him to come running for nourishment any second.

Excuse me now. I have a date with some Nyquil.

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  1. Oh man...tell me about it. I forget that I'm having a pampered chef party and take on a job in the next state??? sigh. I'm very blessed with an understanding hubby. Hope your finger heals soon!!


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