Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ashley's Birthday

Has it been that long since I've been pregnant? The calendar says heart says it isn't possible that my baby is so old.

I think she had a good day yesterday--despite some small disappointments. Mommy had to work late interpreting and couldn't call to say I was going to be late. Daddy picked her up at school and Alli baked her birthday cake after school. I helped her decorate it when I got home.

Rosie loves her duckies and so her theme, if you will, was chock full of duckies. From her cake to her balloons. She's a duckie lover.

Daddy and I took her to get her birthday present, a new iPod. Pink. At least I think it's pink. She was thrilled. Then later her cousins and Aunt and Uncle came over. We sang happy birthday to her and she blew out candles.

Her Auntie gave her little ducky non-slip decal thingies for the bathtub. I loved this idea and gift as getting her in and out of the tub is a tricky business with her balance issues. Thanks Auntie Julie!

Isn't she a happy angel?

AND...(drum roll please) Ashley has some exciting news. There is a swim team for disabled youth that is connected with Children's Hospital It's called The Shadow Seals. Ash had her first tryout on Sunday evening. As I sat there watching these stunning children---most missing one or more limbs---as they swam laps at speeds I haven't yet achieved, I was in awe. Stunned. Moved.

Ashley made the team and she's beyond excited. If she continues to progress and do well, she may get to go to the Nationals in Chicago next July. It's a goal she's determined to meet.

My swimmer


  1. Happy birthday, and best wishes to all.

    But, just to maintain standards: "Has it been that long since I've been pregnant?". Yes, and the answer is still no. I have a headache.

  2. I'll bring you some Excedrin :)

  3. Aren't they some Jewish priests?

  4. That's so cool that Ashley is swimming! I am cheering for her from here!!

  5. Thanks Satako! Have we mentioned how wonderful it was to see you when you were here??? Love you guys tons!


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