Friday, October 02, 2009

Los Pinguos!

Since the concert last week I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their cd that I ordered and it came!

Lance brought it out to the school and I played it for my Spanish class. In fact we sang and danced to it the entire time. Here's the song we picked that the kids are going to learn and perform at the Expo for their parents. They're so excited.

Turn up your speakers. I dare you not to chair dance to this!

My Los Pinguos obsession has infected my girls and my husband. I thought they might not enjoy it as they don't fully understand the language, but they love it as well! Yay! Makes it nicer that I can have the cd blasting away in the stereo when we drive around.

And boy do we drive around. I've been keeping up my twice-a-week gym visits. I've got an ugly cold right now and don't feel so well, but I did manage to drag myself to the pool this morning, hubby in tow. He wanted to stay in bed but he went anyway. He went right to the hot tub but did come for a workout in the pool afterward.

We wanted to go to the beach cabin this weekend for Ashley's 11th birthday, but she's feeling sick, Alli stayed home from school sick, Chris has it too and now Steph is coming down with it so I think it's a weekend at home for us all tucked under the covers with lots of tissues and cold remedies at hand.

Also, it's the worldwide church conference so we plan on watching that. I reccomend it to all my friends. It's a wonderful way to learn about the church. I look forward to it every six months. You can watch it Here Just click on the 'here' in the past sentence and it will take you there. Enjoy!

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