Monday, June 29, 2009

Running Away Is Good For The Soul

And we needed to do something good for our souls, so yesterday Lance and I surreptitiously packed a bag, grabbed our beach chair, some books and tippy toed out of the house before the children could stop us with hysterical "WHERE ARE YOU GOING AND WHY AREN'T YOU TAKING ME WITH YOU"'s. (Yes, that sentence makes fine grammatical sense to me, so hush)

We really did sneak out.

We ended up sitting here for few hours in the sunshine.... was a slice of heaven and balm to our stressed out hearts. The sand was warm between my toes and the sun had just the right amount of warmth to it--not too blisteringly hot and not hiding behind any clouds. In fact it was perfect.

See what I mean?======> After a few hours the wind showed up and we decided that we'd go for a drive and look around at other beaches and some neighborhoods there on Whidbey Island. Of course we crossed the Deception Pass Bridge first. I always get a case of the heebie jeebies doing that on foot as I'm not overly fond of heights.

Here's Lance on the beach below the bridge. He has no problem with looking down from great heights. He's superman!

Lance climbed up on some rocks that were jutting out into the surf and posed for me. He's so cute. It really was calming and soothing and all kinds of wonderful to spend some time alone with my husband.

Then we went to oogle the airplanes at NAS Whidbey. Did I mention that our cell phones kept going off constantly with text messages and calls, most of which we entirely ignored. It was almost a relief when my cell phone died. I'd forgotten to charge it the night before our Big Escape.

We drove through neighborhoods and old and new in the Oak Harbor area. We found a gorgeous new home for sale high up on a bluff. As we walked behind the house to look at the water, we were amazed to discover five bald eagles and two hawks performing an aerial ballet. It was thrilling to watch--and they were so close. My picture of it didn't do them justice.

We also found a cute little house for sale right down on the water. The flyer said it was 765 square feet but it FELT like 800! You have to love a real estate agent with a sense of humor.

Later we drove to Fort Casey. It was getting on towards dusk and we were toying with the option of finding some place to stay over there and not come home at all, as we drove into the park. The wind was bone-chilling and we hadn't thought to pack coats or even long pants! It was sooooooooo cold. Yes, even I was cold and you all know that's a rare happening. You'd better write that date down. Brrrrrrr! Can you tell how c-c-c-c-cold Lance is in this picture? When he got back into the suburban he turned his side of the climate control up to over 80 degrees. He couldn't feel his fingers.

We were pretty much alone at the Fort until this little thing showed up. The fawn was injured and I wanted to help it but there was no way I could. So beautiful. It was limping along and the mommy was no where to be seen.

Then we drove to the ferry, crossed the Sound and went home. The ferry was nearly empty. There was a beautiful sunset....and our escape was over.


  1. should have stayed away!

  2. what a wonderful getaway!
    i'm glad you could "escape" for a day!

  3. I loved reading that. Hmmmm.... so nice.


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