Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Was Twelve Years Old Once

I was. Honest. I remember it quite clearly. Currently I have a 12 year old girl who reminds me a lot of me when I was her age. I had a boyfriend then and his name was Jesse. Jesse did some sweet things for me and once he even rode his ten-speed about 35 miles to a lake resort where my family had gone to camp that summer. Just to see me. So I remember what it's like to be that giddy 12 year old with a boy who is madly in love with you.

My Alli is wonderful girl and it's no wonder that she's attracted the eye of some boys her own age. Her "boyfriend" Jaryd has given her flowers on Valentine's Day and other sweet things. I put the word boyfriend in parenthesis because they only see each other at school. And even while there, they don't sit together at lunch and he even had a friend give her the flowers he bought for her. So it's a kind of a sweet-middle-school kind of thing. She's only seen him outside of school twice--and both times I was there.

Jaryd is an avid skateboarder and mostly skates near his home up in Shoreline.

I tell you that to tell you the following...

My 18 year old son also skates. Last night a friend from Puyallup came up to skate with him and he spent the night. This morning they went to the skate park near Greenlake.

A little while ago I got a picture text from him.

My son was laughing so hard when he found that writing.

Does this mean Jaryd is proclaiming his love for my Allison across the state at every skate park he goes to?

I'm glad it's summer and there's no school.

I really was 12 once, but now I'm a mom.


  1. That is so cute!!! lol Who would have thought your son would have seen it? I think he thought he was safe...lol.

  2. now that is true love!
    so cute!

  3. Allie's GPD11:19 PM

    Great, Mom. So HE scratches it into a curbing at a park . . . but then YOU tell the whole freaking world about it by posting a picture on the Internet!!!

    I remember being 12, too. Is Allie mortified yet? Scarred for life? Hiding out for the summer?


  4. No Grandpa Doug--she laughed about it. And hey, if it's painted onto a sidewalk for the entire world to see, then it's fair game Mr.

  5. FUNNY!!!! get a rope and tie her up till she is 30 hey maybe Tay can join her LOL

  6. That is so sweet! ROfLMBO - middle school love is so precious!


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