Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

I did it! Well, ok I had help. We got the back patio cleared off, took the weeds out from between the cement blocks, then pressure washed the whole thing.

As I had my girls out there picking weeds from between the cement I had a flashback to my youth. I did the very same thing under the supervision of my mother. She'd give us knives and we'd dig and scrape and yank and make the patio weed free. Those weeds were so tough I wouldn't be a bit surprised to know that some of them were the very same ones I'd pulled as a child. Allison and Ashley were a big help to me. Chris even did s bit of the hard stuff before he left to hang with his friends.

I was grateful for their help.

After the poking and digging and yanking there was much sweeping to be done. My girls helped with that as well. I was determined to have a back yard barbecue if it killed me---or them. Ok, just me. After that was done, it was time to pressure wash. I've done something like this before, so I should have known better. And by 'better' I mean that I should have worn grubby clothes and eye protection. Although none of that would have been necessary if my neighbor Sam and my father didn't think that the pressure washer I was using wasn't powerful enough to do the job. Oooooh no. They wanted to hook me up to a bigger, more MANLY power washer. One that could take paint off a Hummer or the hyde off an elephant. Or just drown me in mud and gook. Which it did. Then of course, my father didn't think I was doing a good enough job of it, so he took it from me. (Insert manly grunting here ala Tim Allen from Home Improvement)
I will admit he did a fine job. I kept coming back outside to try and take it from him and he'd say, "Ok, just a minute" which then turned into another half an hour. I never did lay my hands on the manly pressure washer again.

The morning of Father's Day I got up and made my husband breakfast in bed because he deserves it---and not just on Father's day. He should get it every day but I'm a lazy cuss so once or twice a year will have to suffice. It was a manly breakfast I promise.

Then at church the Primary children put on a delightful program in Sacrament meeting. Ashley sang and spoke. I'm not sure just HOW this picture was taken with my cell phone during the meeting. I'd never do such a thing of course. :)

Then it was home for the Father's Day Barbecue and Stuffing Yourself Into a Coma Contest. Table decorations....

My sister Cheri came and it was a delightful afternoon.

Good food, good family. Who could ask for anything more?

Oh yeah.....and a food-coma after the party. Love you Dad!


  1. sounds delightful!
    you are such a good daughter and wife!
    sounds like the perfect day!

  2. Thanks Torrie! It was a very nice day indeed.


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